the question of the moment…

are any of you going to blogher this year?

Ever since I found out it was in San Francisco this year my wee little brain has been clicking away to figure out if I can afford it, if I should go, if it would be worth it, if I would have fun…

You see… San Fran is not really that far from Portland… and I kind of like San Francisco…

and I have some friends kind of near there… and I thought maybe I could convince them to come visit me in the city if I went…

but then I thought…. what if it’s like one big chicky blogger party after hours the whole time and I have no time to see anyone?

and then I remembered that I don’t know if I even know anyone who is going….

and then I remembered that I didn’t even know any of the people I might know that might be going…

and then anxiety began to get the best of me and I devolved into brow furrowing and wondering.


Anyone planning on being there?

19 thoughts on “the question of the moment…

  1. crunchy carpets says:

    Well, I was all booked for last year and had to cancel at the last minute.SF would be cheaper for me here in Vancouver, BUUT I don’t have my daycare job and so no extra pennies.Sooooo I am hoping to go…I want to go. I need to ‘discuss’ it with dh.

  2. david mcmahon says:

    Hmmmm – checking the distance from Melbourne to San Francisco …..And I’m delighted to know the health level in the House of Kaos is improving!!

  3. Oh, The Joys says:

    I went last year and will likely go again to some part of it — mainly because I am planning to be in SF then anyway (randomly). I’d be happy to answer questions you may have about what it was like… you’ve got my address…Best,J

  4. CamiKaos says:

    marcus: I’ve been toying with having a big bad blogger tiki party… but the logistics are painful…travis: I bloghim all the time…OTJ: I may just do that once I have composed an eloquent statement that reflects what my questions are…David: Oh it’s not really all *that* far now is it?Crunchy: When I talked to Mr. Kaos about it he started talking about going with me and bringing the little Kaos… Mr. Fab: Tuck it ;)bv: I hear that.Mie: Yeah… somehow I kind of figured that.

  5. stephanie says:

    So, there’s me and I think Katydidnot & my bff MamaMilton will be bunking with…We’re a party unto ourselves – you’re invited to join us :) I have no idea what we’re getting into other than a weekend in San Francisco without responsibilities…

  6. Gunfighter says:

    Cami,A great many of my bloggy pals went last year. Most of them had a good time.Ha… some of them even suggested that I should go this year… but I will be going to the “Blogging While Brown” event in Atlanta the weekend prior.

  7. holly says:

    i think it would be cool, but i don’t see me flying over from cardiff. unless a) flights are around £100; andb) the flight takes less than two hours; andc) my boss lets me count it as work time. i think that third one is going to be the main blocker.

  8. Lisa Milton says:

    See how optimistic and organized Stephanie is – she is NOT a bad mom or friend.I want to go play in SF with all the fine ladies, but I have to figure a lot out first. Like, we may be moving to Eugene right about then. All this thinking makes my head hurt. And I need to find some cash.See how indecisive and useless I am?

  9. Lindy says:

    Ooooooh!! I sooo badly want to go but I’m a poor SAHM oh and I live in the UK and well flights are expensive although the exchange rate is awesome right now…hmm let me work on the hubs. I wonder if I can trade off blowjobs (although being in a long term relationshop when I say blowjobs I really mean the PROMISE of blowjobs)for air miles….

  10. CamiKaos says:

    angel: I’m rooting for you babe.lindy: didn’t somebody make that deal with their hubby to go last year?Lisa: yeah, I am in the findng $$ stage of the planning process too.holly: yeah, i think you’re right… that is the sticky yeah, too many conventions in such a small space of time… right now a convention mr. Kaos may be going to just prior could cause some problems for my attendance… although… if he goes to that conference K & I will go too… cause there would be mouse ears involved…stephanie: if I go I am so gonna track you guys down!amy: HI. welcome…

  11. Avery Gray says:

    Two questions–when is it, and do you have to be a BlogHer advertiser? Because if not, and if it’s going on the same time we’re planning on being down there anyhow, then heck yeah!But I sorta doubt it.;o)

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