summer in view

there was so much sun today that it poured in the windows as I was trapped in my house. I could not leave, there was far too much to do.But even the brief moments when I ventured out into the yard to take out the garbage or sort the recycling were heavenly.The warm air pressing … Continue reading summer in view

the hidden

As I walk the aisles of the grocery store it remains hidden beneath a pile of fresh produce. Mushrooms, onions, oranges, lettuce, broccoli... they all lay atop it. They mask it's presence with their beautiful colors...I push on. Finding cheeses, whole grain breads, yogurt, healthy snacks...At last it's time to check out and I push … Continue reading the hidden

sew be it…

this is one of those posts where I confide in you, my gentle readers...(even though you aren't really ALL so gentle, now are you?)... something has been on my mind. something has been gnawing at me. nibbling at my thoughts.I've been preoccupied with a desire to do something, to have something, to be a certain … Continue reading sew be it…

…like a baby

Monday was an odd day in the Kaos house. It was the very first day in 2 weeks that I was home alone.Sigh.It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be and I made some poor choices. It started off completely fine, good even... but from there it spiraled downhill until some how we … Continue reading …like a baby