I am committed ladies and gents… and not in a lock her up and throw away the key kind of way…

In a taking care of myself kind of way.

As I may have mentioned before, I and some other fun internet peeps, have given up chocolate for the month of January. We’re doing well so far, but with Holly as our fearless leader how could we not?

We started as a small contingent of choconots but we have gained faithful members and serious detractors.

The tension in the internet air between the “choconots” and the “frenemies” is getting thick. It is so dense it’s cloying… Why all the hate people? Can’t we all just get along?

Can we let bygones by bygones. Can we ignore the name calling, sexual dispersions and cruel photoshopping and just be friends?

Avery, in, I’m sure, a misguided attempt at supporting us has suggested that we give up chocolate for the month of February as well.

I tell you, it’s caused quite a stir. A buzz, if you will, among the choconots. There’s been discussion, suggestion, digestion (not of the chocolate, of the idea of a an additional 29 days).

I think it wouldn’t hurt any of us to give it up again. I’d be willing to do so, a few others have weighed in on the subject and they seem willing to do it too…

But I have to ask my self, friends, who gains more? Do we, the choconots, gain more by further abstinence or do Avery and the frenemies gain more in the fun of taunts and sick amusement at our attempt to better ourselves.

So the idea that I’ve come up with, with help from my lovely cousin and choconot comrade Mielikki is that we try to DO something instead of just giving up something.

Friend’s, Choconots, Frenemies lend me your ears (er… eyes since you’re reading this)… What would you say to committing to exercise at least 3 times a week for the month of February?

And as a sign on bonus to the Frenemies: If three or more of the current frenemies will agree to join me in our month of exercise then I will go February without even a lick of chocolate and encourage the other choconots to do the same.

28 thoughts on “committed

  1. DaddyKaos says:

    Since I am already hitting the treadmill at least 3 times a week (I really need to get rid of the extra 10 pounds that I picked up sitting on my ass in Oregon at Christmas) I am also with you.

  2. sybil law says:

    I was already on Mie’s blog, and I am going to exercise. I don’t care if you guys eat chocolate or not! The whole silly assed thing has gotten out of hand!But who’s really going to lose weight or better themselves by not eating chocolate? That is the part that makes no sense to me.

  3. katydidnot says:

    sounds lent-ish. i gave up meat for lent once, and i’ve been a vegetarian ever since. i like your very cool give up/give back idea.

  4. holly says:

    look, this thing started really out of the *best* of intentions anyway. so anything that is for the betterment? i am 100% behind. i only offer apologies to those who are offended by what has transpired. that was not my intent. entertain? yes. offend? no. so yes. exercise is in. :)

  5. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    I’m already trying to do this. So, I’m in. The exercise thing, not the chocolate. I love me some fake chocolate protein bars!

  6. missburrows says:

    We were just being silly. I don’t understand why people made this a serious thing. C’mon, we are adults. We all know what we should be doing to stay happy and healthy.How about some props to Holly for being so damn creative with her photo shopping and doll usage? Gheez, how many hours of her life did she spend to entertain us? How about a thank you instead of a sword through the back?(This is general statement, not aimed at you Cami.)

  7. Marcus says:

    I’m in for the work out. But I started last week, and I’m not stopping at the end of Feb ;p3-5 days a week is my activity goal. That will include 1-2 practices a week, and 2-3 endurance/conditioning sessions a week. Hey, a geek sport is still a sport right?I would add to your workout regiment that doing fun, strenuous activities should count. Roller skating, basketball, ride a bike with the family for 5+ miles. This should be fun so you want to keep doing it ;p

  8. CamiKaos says:

    julie: I thought it was really going to be hard, I thought it would be a struggle every moment… but it hasn’t been. Once I realized how easy it was, well I was kind of surprised and proud of myself. It isn’t just the chocolate… it’s that I find myself not having things that I would have chocolate with and because I am already conscious of what I am eating I haven’t been snacking as much and have been eating better meals.Marcus: I already walk 2 miles a day (1 in the morning roundtrip to K’s school and 1 in the afternoon) during the week. One of my work outs will be 30 minutes of Wii boxing… One will be weight training and the third will be variable. miss burrows: I was kind of being silly with this too, however I began to notice that some people seemed to be getting serious. I’m still laughing… I hope others are too but I just… I hope that no one is getting any hurt feelings (or being overly cranky from loss of chocolate in their system ;)Lori: you eat all the fake chocolate protein bars you want girl!holly: You know what they say about the best intentions right? No really you do don’t you? No one will ever tell me!BW & SYb: Hooray for exercising gal pals! And if it is THAT important to you that I eat chocolate… I mean really who am I to let you down? But not now.katy: You are a strong person what with the whole vegetarianism. I gave up meat for about a year when I was a teen. Didn’t stick.daddykaos: HOORAY.mie: I am considering our local gym… but I just don’t know yet… I think i might rather get a piece of equipment and park it in front of the big screen…

  9. CamiKaos says:

    Kami: I wasn’t ignoring you girl! I think you posted as I was posting. Welcome aboard!!!!! I am think if calling it FitFeb.

  10. mielikki says:

    Cami- I am still laughing, too. And, you have more room for gym equipment in your place than I do in mine. One treadmill would take over my apartment. So going to the gym makes more sense in my case. . .

  11. Avery Gray says:

    I’m totally onboard with this one! Hmmm… Could this be the end of hostilities between the choconots and the frenemies? Great idea!

  12. missburrows says:

    As of right now, consider me on the fence about this one. Not because I don’t want to exercise (in fact, I am now late for kick boxing class) but that it feels that if I say yes, that I am apologizing somehow. And there is no reason to apologize.On the other hand, I don’t want you, Cami, to feel like you have hurt my feelings.So, I will think about this.

  13. holly says:

    my 15 minutes on the cross-trainer (well, i did have a headache earlier today…so 15 minutes beats no minutes) was dedicated to this post. and to the lovely blogger who posted it. who i heart SO much. i heart you cami!

  14. mielikki says:

    Can I just chime in for a second and say that I don’t really think anyone needs to apologize for anything? We were having fun. We should get back to the fun. Even if it means we are all cyber exercising together! :)

  15. CamiKaos says:

    mie: you can always chime in hon.Holly: You go Holly. I have a horrible cold so I took a nap. haha. But I am going to start my work outs before Feb comes up.Missburrows: You are more than welcome to join… I wouldn’t take it as an apology because I don’t think you owe one to me or anyone else in the choconot-frenemies realm… Everything was done in good fun all over right?Avery: I think it could…

  16. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Yay. And I thought it was all fun.I will join you as best as I can, but I’m having a small op’ on February 2nd so can’t commit to the whole month. But I’ll do what I can.Brill idea Miss Cami. :D

  17. Lindy says:

    am I a frenemy…thinking back to my chocolate cookie and milk post of a few days back. Does walking count? cuz I’d be up for walking 3 days a week.

  18. Lindy says:

    did I miss something here. Waz there a rumble in the land of Kaos and I somehow managed to miss it? Dang it that ALWAYS happens to me. I’m not saying I’m a frenemy just wanted to know how one becomes a frenemy- is a teasing comment about chocolate enough to get me blacklisted??

  19. CamiKaos says:

    Lindy: no doll, you’re not a frenemy unless you sign on for it. Walking totally counts and the whole of the Internet is going into smack down mode! xoxoMissb: she just said it… My god I’ve said it so many times I can’t count and I’m not one…. Or am I??????? Okay… I’m not.Jo: how minor? I think we want you to be okay… Do I need to pretend to be a doctor and order bedrest? I have a naughty nurse out fit I could put on and yell at you… You just take care of you and watch some really good tv… Speaking of… How was the good doctor’s Christmas speacial?

  20. missburrows says:

    Lindy: We would love to have you join our ranks! There is no blacklist. Only the cool list (frenemies) and the NOT cool list (choconuts). You wanna’ be cool, right? Your already eating chocolate, right?….C’mon…you’ll get a badge….(I tried to visit your blog, but I was not *sniff* invited…)

  21. Jamie says:

    Talk about timing. Yesterday the doctor ordered weight loss and today I find this post. I definitely want to play. Maybe I’ll stick with the excercise if I feel like somebody’s in on it with me.

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