mad skillz

Lately I’ve noticed that a few of my bloggy friends are some pretty talented people both on the internets and off.

That’s right. I pay attention.


What I really want to do is honor those of you who are really good at some crazy things with a little award I’m calling

(presented by CamiKaos)

What’s that? You don’t think you have mad skillz???? Oh babies I beg to differ. Why I bet each and everyone of you has a mad skill.

Let’s start off with these guys shall we…

123Valerie she can hunt down corn nuts like nobody else
Velma for adopting my daughter’s favorite name as her own
Dan for being able to grow enough facial hair to use as a rope
Angel she is one hell of a talented blog groupie
Celtic Rose for being able to go huge stretches of time without a single post
David for his ability deliver post after post with NO TIME going by at all
Landismom who seems to be able to function (kind of) on no sleep
Lindy Did you know her head pops off and then she can put it right back on?
Daveman for his amazing journalistic integrity
Lori cause damn that girl can party with 13 year olds
Flutter for perfect lipstick application EVERY.TIME.
Jo she is psychic. She totally knew I was playing with my phone
My dad for being the 2nd best Wii golfer in the family (You know there’s gonna be a throw down when he gets here)
Kami has mad celeb sighting skillzzzz
Corey One word: Tutu
Lisa She is so nice, but then I think when you aren’t looking she can cut you with her razor (wit)
Melanie no one can piss you off about odd ball stuff like her
Betsy can mess with kids minds in ways you can’t imagine
Troy has theoretical skillz that you can’t ever compete with
Holly for making my stomach ache from laughter and nausea in the same post
Jessica for knowing when to use her camera for the good of man kind
Julie for her impressive hatred of alligators
Peter because he always knows just what to say to his future wife (wives?)
Mr. Fab who could sculpey you to death with one hand tied behind his back
Bellvelma who has feet that are actually magnetically attracted to Legos
Sybil because she can still type even when she is completely messed up
Bubblewench for always knowing when to steal blog toys
Xithor for his thorough knowledge of D&D
Travis who I imagine could probably slack off better than anyone if he ever found the time
Gunfighter for writing the best self description I’ve read on a blog yet
Maddy who has an uncanny resemblance to a fish cracker ;)
Mielikki who can always pick the exact perfect present. Like EVERY time.

Mad skillz people.

All of you. I don’t know if you can really rival my empty beer can on the head trick… and you know, once I perfect that martini glass on the head thing watch out world but still… you all deserve to be recognized.

Did I neglect you? Someone out there who has a mad skill that I didn’t recognize? You too can have the Mad Skillz award (presented by CamiKaos) if you leave a comment telling me what your mad skill is.

Now go forth people and award this pretty to others you know! Let the people know you appreciate their mad skillz as much as I do!

xoxo – CamiKaos

(okay, yes… this was an excuse to reuse the awesome photo of me with a beer can on my face… I admit it, but what are you gonna do?)

28 thoughts on “mad skillz

  1. Maddy says:

    Whay hey! I love it. Thank you so much. [life is so much easier now that I’m getting to grips with the google reader]Lovely, lovely, lovely way to start the day.CheersThis is my calling card or link“Whittereronautism”until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  2. holly says:

    tooooo cool. and, i feel like my blog was missing that certain touch…a well balanced beer can gracing my page…you have captured the essence of my goal : to sicken and amuse my readers. well, sicken is more a by-product, but i’ll take any reaction. :) as long as it was followed by the laughing. always with the laughing. and work as i might in an industry somewhat concerned with maths, i find i cannot properly quantify your wonderfulness. which is to say, thank you!

  3. 123Valerie says:

    Well, I really couldn’t do it without the help of America’s corn farmers and truck stops, so this award really belongs to them. Thank you for recognizing my innate talent, though, C. I’m all warm and fuzzy, and not just because I need to shave my legs.

  4. david mcmahon says:

    Dear Camikaos,Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I read this post. Thank you kindly, ma’am. I am very honoured by your generous citation. Why do I post five times a day? Because I love to write … simple as that.And even though I am Aussie, I cannot balance a beer can on my head as adroitly as you’ve done. Splat! Splat! Splosh! See – I’m practising ….Bless you for your generosity and my I say a very humble thank you.David

  5. CamiKaos says:

    Lindy: You mean I gave you your first blog bling?!!!!!?? Oh my god I am so excited!!!Mr. Fab: Yeah… I told you it’s the best ever.David: Your love of writing really does shine through.123Val: But where would those farmers be without YOU?Mie: PRESENTS!!!! I love presents.BW: Don’t I always take care of you baby?Jo: You’re so amazing that way.Holly: Oh yeah, I’m always with the laughing over there… Even when you dazzle and blind us with your mad tech skills… in layman’s terms.Angel: Oh, what incense is that. Nag Champa is my favorite ;) Maddy: Google reader was so useful for me once I got the hang of it.Holmes: fo sho baby. fo sho.Dan: I’ve already popped by and it looks lovely there on your mantle.

  6. sybil law says:

    Thank you, my dearest. This will probably be the only award I actually put on my page. Mostly because I am lazy but also because it has your purty picture. : )xoxo

  7. katydidnot says:

    mad skillz…i has ’em. i cannot think of them. wait…does being to get ANY seinfeld reference ever count? and there’s this bitchin’s impossible quiz on my blog that i’m good at. and making verification words into acronyms, bbfogy: beer bears for organic grapefruit yogurt.

  8. CamiKaos says:

    katydidnot: You can TOTALLY have one for your awesome acronym skillz!!Lisa: thank you for not hurting us.sybil: yeah. You also have mad skillz at LOVING ME!daddykaos: before the holidays is over someone will be crying… and not just your super cute spoiled grandchild.Mel: HOORAY!!!Flutter: You mean, I, that is to say, me. I should have my award too!!!!!????? I accept. As long as you do.

  9. julie says:

    The alligator thing is more of a fear than a hatred… but I’ll take it! Oh, and the fact that the beer is PBR makes that so much more impressive.

  10. Kami says:

    My dearest D…my mad skillz are much bigger and deeper than mere celebrity citing. I must address this on my blog, when I humbly accept your award. Thank you darling.

  11. Corey~living and loving says:

    I was just directed to this. :) It was lost in the crazy “mark all as read” manuver I pulled after being sick, and away on a business trip.Thank you for noticing my Mad TUTU skills. :)

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