running late and other excuses that don’t matter

Today is the official start of Cami running late 2007.

I always feel like I am running late but seldom am I running as late as I actually am right now. Once October ends it seems all hell breaks loose in my life and no, the irony of that is not lost on me.

It started today, today when I was to begin my NaNoWriMo book.

The problem? I had a meeting at school at 8 am and a hair appointment at 9am.

The solution? Duh, I have a laptop. It did me no good at school as I was gathering information I will greatly need by next week but I managed to eek out a few words at the coffee shop I stopped at where I managed to get in 30 minutes of uninterrupted writing. Then it was off across the street to get my hair washed and trimmed (ahhh) and my brows waxed (hey back off that HURTS) where I managed to write and write and write some more and only get a little bit of stray hair on my laptop. I feel like I have accomplished something even though in the real world I have gotten absolutely nothing done.

And at the moment there is much rejoicing..

How tomorrow will work out I have no idea as I will be at school in K’s class the entire morning… but this will at the very least be and exercise in getting creative for me. Not in creatively writing, but finding creative ways to find time for my writing.

9 thoughts on “running late and other excuses that don’t matter

  1. mielikki says:

    Oh, the brow waxing. ‘Nuff said.I bet you will have the time of your life being creative with the little ones.And it might just actually stimulate some more creativity that you can create in your writing!

  2. SquidgesMum says:

    Ugh! I feel the same way- I’m doing that NoProBleMo thingy on both my blogs while trying not to repeat myself- I failed, I blogged about the same exact thing just not in the same exact words!! Tomorrow will be better- HA

  3. 123Valerie says:

    Okay busy lady, when you get a minuto, you are it. But I am willing to reconsider, given what’s happenin’ in your world.

  4. sybil law says:

    You can do it!Now I am done being cheerleader. :)But really -you and I both seem to thrive on getting things done at the last minute. So seriously – I know you can do it! :)

  5. david mcmahon says:

    Hi Cami,All Mums deserve statues to honour them – and I’m being serious here.You’re not REALLY late – you’re just early for your NEXT appointment!!Have a great weekendDavid

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