what about bert?

If you're following along with the CamiKaos thought train lately you're probably aware that I have done the unthinkably stupid and signed on for Bert (really it's NaNoWriMo but I hate typing that so Bert it is). I'm not doing too bad. I've gotten up over 6,000 words now. I've done absolutely no editing of … Continue reading what about bert?

call it shoes

The scene, in my bed Friday night. It felt late but it was probably only like 9:30. Mr. Kaos came into the room and smiled at me. I was exhausted and curled into the bed surrounded with a fortress of pillows and two blankets.MK: Hey babe, how's it going?Me: I'm tired.MK: You feeling any better?Me: … Continue reading call it shoes

focus pocus

I don't know if any of you have caught on to this but in the past several months I have had a tremendous time with concentrating on anything... except my child, my bathroom, my husband and perhaps my cannons, it's hard for me to not notice those.I've put some of my to do's and commitments … Continue reading focus pocus