just say no… if it’s not trouble I mean

I am a marked woman and no, I am not just talking about my tattoos.

Since K started school I had been keeping a pretty low profile in my personal life, in my community life and even at K’s school. The stress of her adjustment was too much for me… I didn’t want to throw myself into a situation where I was vulnerable. I didn’t want to talk about how my kid wasn’t adjusting. I didn’t want to hear other parents say it will get better. I just wanted to bury my head in my life and let it be okay in time… no pesky talking or advice…

And it worked out, K likes school again and all is right with the world… so I poked my head out of my shell to look around and damn it if I didn’t screw myself in the process.

I am a marked woman. I am an artsy woman. I am a woman who loves to make things with her hands, loves to help her community and loves to be left alone. I also love to do anything I can to make this world a better place for my child and the children of others…

But pretty much I sit on my ass and write (not this blog, other stuff) and make meals and art and fun for my family, I read and read to, I cook and I play, I don’t clean as much as I should and I try to get the outside world to leave me alone.

If I could I would be a shut in, but I don’t think I could get the gal who waxes my brows to come here and do it and that’s a deal killer.

So I go about my life and occasionally I raise my hand and volunteer for something… Then it gets put on the back burner, shelved, is off the table for a while and I am off the hook.

This week the entire world surrounding CamiKaos is calling in their volunteer markers. People who know I am “creative” are asking for help with posters and ads, people who long ago asked for some help with a community project are suddenly ready for that help, people who months ago had asked for neighborhood help that I willingly offered in exchange for being off the hook as the VP are ready for me now.

And then there is the stuff I willingly volunteered for… not stuff I was asked to do and couldn’t help saying yes, the stuff I raised my hand for and yelled “OHH OHH Pick me, I am a glutton for punishment, I enjoy it, I want it, I need it!!!”

My plate is full… and you would think that between school and community when your plate is so full there is not even room for some of that AWESOME potato salad people would back off and stop asking… but it seems once you say once yes, you are marked for life.

You would also think the snide comments and snark I dish out would make people think I am a prickly pear and get them to go away.

It doesn’t.

So from now on I will be making a clear effort to say





“pleeeassssse *sob* stop *sob* asking me…”

Oh, and I will be dying my hair blond, wearing turtlenecks and lots of pastel, that should throw them off my scent for a while.

14 thoughts on “just say no… if it’s not trouble I mean

  1. bellevelma says:

    Does that mean I shouldn’t bother trying to enlist your help manning one of the craft tables at my son’s upcoming Kindergarten party? The parents of the kids in Snags class don’t seem inclined to help so I thought I’d reach out to blogland – hee hee. Actually, I have a plan, Snags mentioned a room helper and I was going to call some of the parents who came on the field trip last week. I hope they aren’t reading this and blocking my number from their phones…

  2. The Holmes says:

    Doing stuff for people sucks. Oh hey, could you do me a favor?Just kidding.Don’t go the turtleneck route. Those things died out for a reason. You don’t want to get a rep as the turtlenecked blogger, do ya?

  3. sybil law says:

    Ew. Blonde and pastels? I do’t think I could talk to you anymore. Although, the blonde could be cool, if it was icy blonde… hmm…Yeah – you know the boat I’m in. SUCKS.Dammit.

  4. Lisa Milton says:

    Oh Cami, I hear ya. I said ‘yes’ to a few things and they went off and reproduced. It doesn’t stop. I am declaring next year the year of the hermit. (Please no pastels. I couldn’t bear it.)

  5. CamiKaos says:

    First I am so glad all of you recognize how bad the pastels would be… It isn’t in me, I would have to find a new way to go into hiding.Lisa: Lets say no together? Yes?Sybil: Haven’t you seen my wedding pics?Holmes: NO NO NO, please don’t call me that, I don’t want it to catch on.Corey: Yep. and I had 2 additional kids in my house for hours today making cookies. I’m screwed.Angel: I’ll work on the no, have no fear of the pastels though… I can.not.do it.bellevelma: Okay, I booked my plane ticket, I’m on my way to help you with that hahahahahaha no.

  6. mielikki says:

    I threw up a little in my mouth when you said the word pasteldon’t do that again, please, it isn’t a nice way for me to wake up, damn-it.Just say NO!

  7. sybil law says:

    Yo, Turtleneck Blogger- I have seen the wedding pics! That’s why I knew it wouldn’t look bad. But you look good in everything. As a matter of fact, for Christmas, I am going to send you a pastel green (read: mint) turtleneck!HahahahahahahGod I am evilAnd kidding. loves

  8. DaddyKaos says:

    As you now well know, anyone showing any willingness to help out will always be taken advantage of and you have those genes. I hope you can learn to say F off but I don’t think you will because you come by it honestly. Sorry we burdened you with that.

  9. SquidgesMum says:

    you’re doooomed…. dooooomed I say!!Ah well, could be worse things in life and this time will pass. You’ll look back fondly at all the crap you made for K’s school events and look at the blonde pastel twinset wearing teenager and wonder where the time went.

  10. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahh sweetie.Say NOOOOOOOO. Goddamit.Don’t do the pastels.You get asked to do knitting and other more sedate stuff.JUST SAY NO.

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