pity party

Are you all ready for this? We're going to have a pity party!!!Hooray! Wooooohoooooo.This is going to be so much fun... but wait, where is the guest of honor?Oh, there he is.... Mr. Fabulous? Mr. Fab, would you like to say a few words to the nice readers or shall I tell them?Umm, okay so … Continue reading pity party

curse you Garcia!!!

I may have mentioned once or twice this week that we are remodeling our bathroom. Maybe, I can't recall. I would really have to look back and see what I've written... you wait here okay? I'll go check...THumPClanGCRASH....*pant pant* Okay guys, I looked and yeah, I keep talking about this remodel, but here's the thing, … Continue reading curse you Garcia!!!


I've said it before, but his whole daylight savings time change hoo ha really pisses me off. Really. What is the most upsetting to me? Is it that it is an unnecessary occurrence that inconveniences people across America (except in Indiana where they put a stop to the madness). No, it's that I woke up … Continue reading curses….