no such luck…

I bet you all thought I wasn’t going to have anything to say today huh?

After all… it’s after noon here. Not like late afternoon or anything but it is after the time which we call noon (I love that little word play there) and I am just now getting down to reading my blogs… visiting my funny people, my touching people, and those people who like to poke me in the eye (why I visit them I have no idea at all).

I’m changing courses here… I had something to say but Mr. Kaos has come along and ruined it. DESTROYED what I was going to say.

(Do you find it as convenient as I do that I can just blame him like that and no once can say otherwise? I love that about him. Poor darling Mr. Kaos how does he manage, you might say. Pish Posh, he manges just fine)

I didn’t get to write to you all this morning because Mr. Kaos took today to stay at home and work on that little project *cough cough remodel* in the bathroom. So we woke up, got K ready for school, took her to school and headed home. Much to my chagrin there was no morning time fun time to bed had with Mr. Kaos because we had to get right to work. Doing things. On the house.

Which means we hopped in the the car and headed over to Grandmother’s house of all things home improvement related. We bought some wood. Then we went down the aisle and bought some more wood. Then we got a 3rd kind of wood before finishing off our wood shopping with… some more wood!

We headed home pulling up to the house with just enough time to put the wood, wood, wood and the other wood in the garage and then head off to K’s school for pick up.

Once the child was home I began to make lunch (for the child) but much to the dismay of Mr. Kaos it didn’t go quickly enough. And he needed my immediate attention. For something.

Something very very important. RIGHT NOW.

Something about freezing some soup. It was urgent. Then it was over and he started to work on the bathroom project.

And here the big difference, the big divergence, between Mr. Kaos and I becomes clear.

Well not any clearer to me than it normally is, I’ve known this for years…

But today I will make it clear to you.

I am Cami. Cami just kind of you know…. does things. Something needs to get done? Oh, yeah, it will don’t worry.

And truth be told it will get done. It always does. If it is time sensitive it will even get done in time, but mostly I work on my own time line. I have my own schedule. I do my own thing. My thing includes sitting quietly and reading my blogs (the funny touching poking ones) and sitting quietly and reading my e-mail (I love e-mail) and maybe reviewing my comments (if I have any) and then maybe taking a little peek at my facebook (addiction) and then writing my blog.

Most days my blog is already written and I go ahead and post it before I start all the reading and poking and addictive behavior and what not but today that wasn’t the case.

So as I sat to do my Cami thing Mr. Kaos began a parade of busied hurriedness through the house barking orders as though we were marching off to war.

I smiled at him as he marched through the house commenting on this and that and how that coat isn’t hung up… and I laughed a little as he marched through again carrying the coat and told him that if he were at work the coat would be away before he got home and he grimaced in pain because of the way WE (meaning K and I) do things around here is so very different than the way WE should (meaning He) do things around here whether there is someone to notice or not.

And I continued to write as he marched through once again with a piece of wood he was cutting to size and he looked at me and I laughed at the look of hurried determination on his face as he declared him self a work nazi because it was working time, and if he was at work he would be dealing with a bunch of other people who run around acting like work nazis needing something from him RIGHT NOW as he demanded something from others RIGHT NOW.

I stood up with some lunch dishes and walked into the kitchen to put them in the sink and he walked back through with the same intensity on his face and that is where the difference ends because instead of pushing on to get that wood cut down another fraction of an inch (things must be perfect to machine shop tolerance around here) he stopped and embraced me, kissing me and patted my ass with his wood (the wood wood) and smiled at me (that smile that I fell in love with) before he hurried back to the garage to oversee his regime of terror over the wood and the saw and all things that are not on his schedule.

You see I am not on his schedule, and he certainly is not on mine, but we are always IN each others schedules, and that suits me just fine.

(even if he is a bit of a task master)

12 thoughts on “no such luck…

  1. mielikki says:

    you know, I think it does you good to have a task master in your schedule, though. As it does him good to have a laissez-faire wife in his.You compliment each other, so it’s all good.

  2. n says:

    He is a task master at times, but as I remember the story, he was burning the music disc for your wedding about 20 minutes after the time we were supposed to leave the house, and oh yeah, who ironed his shirt for said wedding practically as we were walking out the door.”Nobody will see it, I won’t take off my jacket!” The memory gives a very warm mom feeling. I love you guys. NanaKaos

  3. Troy says:

    Not on each other’s schedule, but “in” each other’s schedule. I love that.I think the best relationships have this little quirk between the people, too. I’m more, as you put it, laissez-faire, and Mrs. T is taskmaster. It’s strange, but somehow it just works.

  4. Corey~living and loving says:

    Indeed opposites do attract…whether we like it or not. LOLCute story though. Gotta love a busy man who sit finds the time to get some ass grabbin in. tee hee

  5. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    How sweet! What a great way to put it. Often my hubby works midnights so we’re not ON each other’s schedules, but definitely IN them.

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