twinkle twinkle little star…

Did you ever wonder what that little star was?

The twinkle twinkle little star, star?

It’s me babies.


Oh you want proof???

Like I need it, but since you insist take a look:

I am a blogging star!


Jo said so and what Jo says is usually very very accurate.

She’s got a good head on her shoulders that one… even if it is the head of a prima-donna ostrich.

What does it mean to be a blogging star?

HELLLLLOOO total super star baby, and a healthy dose of ego as well. With that thought in mind I’d like to present these fellow lovely and ego healthy bloggers with their very own blogging star award… but I certainly hope they remember to thank me in their acceptance speech.

The Holmes

Kami the doppelganger over at Kelson Krew

Jess of Oh, The Joys fame

And my daddy, I think he’s a star just for starting a blog but he continues to entertain or educate me almost everyday!

Accept your award gracefully (and gratefully) and pass it along to a few other stars you know in the blogosphere…. Gee… giving out awards makes me almost as happy as getting them!

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