the “morning meal”

It was a typical wake up in the Kaos house. Mr. Kaos’ alarm had been going off every 9 minutes for the past 6 hours, K had at some point climbed into our bed and was sprawled out like a wild beast and my little bobbing alarm clock just started to beep when I opened my eyes.

Oh the sting of the early morning air on my bloodshot eyes was just almost too much to bare.

I told K to get up, she pleaded with air to “please.just. let. me. sleep”.

Mr. Kaos grumpled something about wanting coffee and I of course let out an exasperated sigh… I DON’T DRINK COFFEE I screamed in my head, but I soon calmed down and staggered into the kitchen to make Mr. Kaos his daily hot blood infusion of black brew. He bolted upstairs to our one working bathroom to pee, K went screaming behind him that she needed to pee and I hated them both with a white hot passion as I poured water into the coffee maker, the sound of the watery flow and splash causing such pain in my bladder I thought I would die.

I soon ran upstairs yelling over the trickle of the coffee in the pot “I have to pee too!”

Don’t you wish you lived here too?

Then there was breakfast for K, showers for Mr. and I and then the steady rush of getting ready to go.

I tried not once, not twice but 3 times to put in my contacts this morning and there was no having it. My eyes were bloodshot still and burning from lasts night’s tears (I am a wreck, no no one did anything to me, sometimes a girls just gotta cry), not enough sleep and the dry morning air. It was enough. I would be wearing glasses today…

Upon this decision it was time to make our way out the door and this is where today’s primary difference was in effect…

Mr. Kaos wasn’t on his way to work, he was on his way to school with us. The family time drop off was occurring. You may be blissfully unaware but the last 3 weeks have been a tiny slice of kindergarten infused hell for me and this one tiny gesture meant the world not only to me but to K as well.

We met up with our neighbors started on our way and for the first time in weeks I felt a huge sense of relief. Of course I couldn’t articulate this because it was still only a quarter to 8 and I was in walking coma, but I felt it.

K walked along laughing with her friend and Mr. Kaos and I walked hand in hand down the street enjoying the time together. The weight of his hand in mine was reassuring, loving, perfect and at that very moment he turned to me and asked.

“You wanna go get some beefus?”

11 thoughts on “the “morning meal”

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahh Cami it’s awful when you feel low and you’re tired and you’ve had enough but you still have to get up, face the day and do stuff.Hope you had good ‘beefus’ and that you get some chill time soon.If it makes you feel any better, we only have one bathroom in the house between four of us, and that won’t be changing any time soon.Big hugs.

  2. mielikki says:

    ah Camimornings suck. But things will get better, and it sounds like the improvement already started, since Mr. K got to stay home and do the morning drop off with you.And yes, sometimes girls must cry.

  3. SquidgesMum says:

    mornings bite! I hope you’re feeling better especially after the eer uuum beefus.Beefus?? is that what Captain Kaos calls his meat and 2 veg???

  4. CamiKaos says:

    OTJ: While I have many wonderful attributes I am under the impression that Mr. Kaos married me because he is a great lover of coffee… but the man can not make a good cup of coffee for anything… and since I was a barista when he met me… well it might as well have been in our wedding vows that I make the coffee. In fairness, he sets up all the technological wizardry that makes my internet go round.Lindy: No, that’s meat and potatoes. haha. he was trying to say “BREAKFAST” and all that came out was BEEFUS. I almost fell down on the sidewalk laughing.Mielikki: It is getting different with school. At least her daily meltdowns have transfered to the house instead of in class.Jo: I am so sad for your only one bathroom. I am so sad for my only one bathroom. I think people should have a bathroom each… I love a good solitary bathroom… :)

  5. Kami says:

    I think there is something in the air, or the moon is in Scorpio, or something because many of my internets blue. And, come to think of it..I’ve been there a bit myself from the lack of labor.Things will work out.

  6. CamiKaos says:

    Flutter: Bad Christine, Beefus is the most important meal of the day, you know that.Kami: You mean all of my go into labor thoughts are going unheeded?Corey: My husband isn’t very articulate in the morning… apparently beefus is the new slang for breakfast… well, it will be when I am done… think it will catch on? ;)

  7. sybil law says:

    Beefus does NOT sound very appetizing, but DAMN it sure sounds funny!!Much love to you. It will all pan out fine.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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