when we rock…

Here in the Kaos house when we rock, we do it as a family. Not just because the family that plays together stays together or something like that but because it’s fun and hanging out with K when she goes to a certain pirate show enables me to do the same.

Today was a Captain Bogg & Salty concert in our local park. K wanted to go but I HAD to go. I love to lay in the shade with the cool grass between my naked toes, staring at the sky and listening to the crooning of the pirate band. I love to jump and dance, sing and clap and sway in time to the music.

It’s a kids’ show. It’s a kids’ concert. But in our house it was every bit as much for me. I painstakingly braided beads into K’s hair (mine is too short for that right now). I put a unicorn tattoo on her forearm and got her dolled up in her best pirate gear.

I am no longer allowed to wear pirate stuff to the concerts you see… It’s embarrassing. No head scarf or big hoop earrings. No pirate t-shirt. No hats. For god’s sake who wants to see their mom walk down the street looking like a pirate wench.

Not K.

That’s for sure.

But once we’re there surrounded by the throng of adoring fans I become a little less embarrassing and a little more cool as we giggle and smile together hand in hand and she is a little more like the 5 year old that she is and less like the appalled teenager she tries to be and I can sit back and imagine what it would have been like to have a pirate rock band to listen to when I was her age…

It wold have been just fine. But not as good, I think, as being 30 and listening to them with my girl.


This is a super duper late entry to a contest over at bumblebee sweet potato. If I had been more on it I would have written something a week ago when I was supposed to… but procrastination is something I do well.

6 thoughts on “when we rock…

  1. mielikki says:

    you need to take that child to a Renaissance Faire. Seriously. She’d have the time of her life, AND, you could both dress in wench-ish clothing. Or wench-ish pirate clothing. And it’d be cool because everyone else there does the same. . .

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    I love thisWe saw The Wiggles when Miss E was 5 and Mr B and I boogied away with E and her friend.It was fab.As Mr B is a drummer we often rock out in our kitchen as we listen to his band and other music we love.Miss E and Miss M are always saying, ‘Is this you daddy?’.They get it right most of the time now.I love it.

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