monday monday

Some days you’ve got to be able to just sit down and tell it like it is. Open your mouth and let the truth fly on into the world for all to deal with.

Today isn’t one of those days is it?

Maybe, maybe it is a day to say that I am tired, and frustrated and want satisfaction…

(I can’t get no, no no no)

So for one day only (yeah right) I will complain for the amusement of all of you.

The weekend was too short and I barely got to spend anytime with my husband.

Our babysitter moved away to be with her fiance and while we adore her and wish her the best WAHHHHHH our babysitter moved away. AND we didn’t get to say goodbye because when she called to stop by we were on our way out of the house and then we were just SO BUSY! AND AND….. OUR BABYSITTER MOVED AWAY!!!

I still, STILL have not computer of my own and while I adore Mr. Kaos’ extreme generosity in letting me use his, I feel like it is not my own. It doesn’t have all the slots and ports I value so much, its keys are not my own, it doesn’t like my mini mouse and it’s track pad hates my touch.

My cat in whining about SOMETHING and since I am not the cat whisperer I have no idea what.

My 5 year old (5 YEAR OLD) has a huge crush on one of her friends and while he is a very nice boy I AM NOT COOL WITH IT. She is heading down the path to love much. too. quickly.

Oh, and I can not read your blog Jo… I don’t have an account. And I can’t e-mail you to tell you this because your e-mail sends me an error. Are you going to be blogging there long? Should I just suck it up and make an account???

Woe. Is. Me.

and my petty little problems.

I promise (maybe) to be better (a little) tomorrow (or sometime)

7 thoughts on “monday monday

  1. bellevelma says:

    Five is the age for boyfriends and girlfriends now. Just wait, pretty soon she’ll be asking for a sleepover with her crush. My son is forever asking if his “girlfriend” can come over for a sleepover. Um, no. Not at 5, and not at 15. Ask me again when you’re married. Or rather, ask your wife. She won’t allow it either.

  2. Celtic Rose says:

    Five can really be a fun age, I missed my daughter being that age for quite some time. Sometimes I still do and she is going to be 22 in October!!! Sigh . . . I miss the little girl she was even though I love who she has become too. It is strange being a parent.My condolences on the loss of your baby-sitter . . .I can’t believe you are still without your computer?? That’s criminal! What excuse has HP come up with now??

  3. Bubblewench says:

    violins in the background..dude so sucks about the babysitter.. not good for your mental health and wine tasting excursionsyou know how I feel about the computer peopleand jo – I don’t know where your site is at all and would love to check it out! :)

  4. sybil law says:

    WHAT?! The babysitter can’t just up and move away like that! How dare her! HP sucks. Hate them.Gilda had a boyfriend at school – he was italian, and his name was Tony. Sounds like she has my taste in men. Nooooooooooo! :) But she never even talks about him now. Only lasted about 2 months. :)

  5. Betsy says:

    It could be worse. How?* your daughter could have *three* boyfriends (mine did, at the age of seven. now, most boys are icky at nine!)* you could have blown up one desktop machine, one wireless keyboard, and narrowly escaped permanently crippling the work mac laptop *and* cable modem as well (I had a busy Monday today…)* you could have an in-house babysitter who still can’t pass muster with his ‘client’, who complains bitterly that he’ll probably kill her if she’s left alone with him. Does that make you feel any better…?

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