drip drip drop…

We had some friends over last night, pretty much the only friends that come over with any frequency, they’re more like family really (to me anyway, I like my family). They came over, brought their dog and we spent a good part of the evening on the patio in back enjoying the cool breeze that was pressing through. As my friend and I set dinner onto a platter to take it out to the men folk I heard a tapping… I listened for a moment intent on discovering its source but the food was ready and hunger was calling so I let it lie…

Fast forward through dinner, fetch, clearing the table, Wii Monkey Ball Darts Tournament and putting little K to bed. Mr. Kaos and I were in the kitchen cleaning up a bit when my bare foot splashed into a puddle of cool water.

I don’t have a pool, hot tub or foot spa in my kitchen so WHAT ON EARTH could my foot be in? Then suddenly I hear the rhythmic tapping once again…

tap tap tap tap tap tap

I grabbed a few dishtowels and threw them down on the puddle. I hushed Mr. Kaos who was asking what was happening and came to the slow and horrible realization that the tap tap tap was actually a drip drip drop.

I opened up the cabinet under the sink and began to move the mountain of bags and dish gloves, soap and kitchen cleaners until suddenly the drip turned into a splash and more water that had been held at bay by all the under sink residents flowed forth onto my floor.

The kitchen sink is leaking again…

Drip drip drop that will slowly drive us insane until we rip that whole freaking room out and start from the studs…

One of the last things sweet darling romantic Captain Kaos whispered to me before I fell into a deep dreamy sleep was:

“Maybe we’ll have a winter kitchen remodel”

11 thoughts on “drip drip drop…

  1. mielikki says:

    ps how come other people, including Celtic Rose are getting their post cards, and mine has not arrived? I am starting to worry. . .

  2. bellevelma says:

    Ugh. We had a drip from our kitchen ceiling once and for some stupid reason we poked a large hole in the ceiling to try and find the problem. Would have made more sense to walk upstairs to the room about the above the kitchen to search for clues, considering it was a bathroom.

  3. Bubblewench says:

    oh no. just what you needed. I hope your Saturday goes better with no drips. winter remodel ok, just means more takeout! sushi….

  4. landismom says:

    Ugh! I fear that we’re going to have to have the dreaded winter bathroom remodel, for similar reasons. Ripping down to the studs is not my idea of a good time at all.On an unrelated note, I got my postcard today, thanks!

  5. Daveman says:

    The Drip-Drip-Drop is simply the house crying for help. Its slowly bleeding to death while you and Kaptain Kaos ignored its scream. Stan Lee would flunk you both on this one. :-)Of course its easy for me to talk – my sink ain’t bleeding to death. Yet. -knock wood- But perhaps I’m being too harsh. It could be because you left for Disney Land without me – and didn’t even buy me a Mickey Mouse Ear Hat souvenir **pouts**

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hey mielikki, our postcard hasn’t arrived yet either so don’t fret.Cami, the drips send shivers down my spine.We had a burst bathroom pipe that led to drips in the kitchen, and, while we were on holiday last year, the toilet fell off the wall.Arghhh.Hope your drip goes away soon.P.s. blogging athttp://www.virb.com/1154530061135349for a bit till my site is sorted.Nightmare.Hope you get a perfect laptop back soon.

  7. sybil law says:

    Oh joy! Actually, you know you’re already goign to start looking around at kitchen stuff… and sending it to me to peruse, too. :)But, I did get my postcard – thankyou! Gilda basically took it. She really loves it.

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