the one where we talk about hp…

No, not HP the big ol company that makes printers and computers and scanners, the other HP.

Harry. Potter.

Yes I love the books.

Yes I love the movies.

And no there are no spoilers on this page about the final book or the newest movie. I have not read it. I have not seen it.

BUT, if you haven’t finished Half Blood Prince, or seen the other movies and you CARE and don’t want things spoiled for you, move along.

I am incredibly excited because I have a date with one of my dearest friends to go see the new movie on Friday. It will involve drinking, dining, drinking, watching the movie, eating popcorn, candy and some cherry coke, and then afterwards perhaps more drinking…

But despite all the drinking the important part of the evening is us going to see the new movie together. We saw the last one together, oohed and ahhed and then snarked… We have high hopes for this one.

But am I more excited about the new movie or the new book?

No question. No contest.

I am so excited about seeing the new movie with my friend, but I can not wait to read the new book.

Wait, no, I can wait to read it.

You see the new book is released the day I leave for California and rather than picking it up at our 24 hour grocery store on the way to the airport and spending the time I should be sleeping reading it on my trip and being too tired to be any fun I am going to wait and read it when I get home, so please, no spoiling it for me. Don’t tell me about it okay?

But I will tell you something, wanna know? The other day my cousin posted her thoughts on who is going to die. It’s been said that at least 2 characters will die. She thinks Harry has to be one of them. You can go see what she has to
say on it… I’ll wait.

Ready? I think that if Harry has to die then the entire story has no point. Because I have always felt that she was saying that we can succeed beyond all odds. We don’t have to play the shitty hand we’re dealt to it’s inevitable dead end. We can stand up, make a difference. And while we may loose friends and foes along the way we can still live our lives and make our world proud.

Ever the optimist aren’t I?

That isn’t to say the losses won’t be stunning, painful, horrific.

I personally think that Snape will die. Some you are thinking that’s no loss, evil deatheatingsonofabitch and I am thinking, he just can’t be that evil.

I think at the end of Half Blood Prince he did what Dumbledore asked. He did what he wanted. He finished things with the only man who had ever put real faith in him. I do not think Dumbledore was wrong. I think that he would have given anything, even his own life to protect a child, even as one as wretched as Draco.

And I think that Harry will kill him. Snape that is. Full of vengeance and wrath and ill placed hatred Harry will kill one of his staunchest allies thinking he is so full of the evil Harry strives against.

And I think in the end we will find out that Harry was wrong. I think in the end there will be proof that Snape isn’t what Harry thought.

And I think that is what will dirty Harry’s soul.

oh and I’m thinking she has to off one of the Weasleys too. :(


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and tomorrow, something serious.

10 thoughts on “the one where we talk about hp…

  1. mielikki says:

    Wow, very thought provoking. Dirtying little Harry’s soul now, are we? It sounds so nasty. Are you sure he shouldn’t die?I promise, I will not breathe a Harry Potter word in your direction until you tell me I can do so. . .

  2. tarable says:

    Great theory about Snape. I understand your logic behind that one and once I started exploring it, have more reason to agree with it. Good luck in using your will power to wait on reading the book. I’m not that strong…

  3. Daveman says:

    I guess Im a freak. I cant get into the Harry Potter phenomenon. Books or movies. Harry Morgan maybe.. but I dont think he flies on brooms like Harry Potter, Samantha Stevens or Rosie O’Donnel…

  4. landismom says:

    We’re going away on the 20th, but for over a week. I know I can’t wait that long. I’m thinking about having it shipped to where we’re going to be on vacation, because I got spoiled (totally by accident) during the last one, and I’m afraid of what I might do if that happens again!

  5. Jo Beaufoix says:

    I agree with you completely.Harry can’t die.But then I am a sucker for a happy/fair ending.I also agree on the Snape thing. I think Dumbledore has a Horcrux so he can come back, therefore Snape was probably doing as the big D said.I also agree that a Weasley may die, but I also have a feeling Hermione is at risk too.Ahh, now I feel all nervy and excited.I want to read it now.Promise I won’t give anything away though.

  6. For the Love... says:

    I agree about Snape-I suspect he had an “unbreakable promise” with Dumbledore before he made the one with Draco’s mother. I am waiting until Sat. to go see the movie with the kids…And the book, I hope I will be able to pace myself instead of slugging it down in a single gulp.Last book…..sigh

  7. CamiKaos says:

    BW: Sad isn’t it?Mielikki: You make it sound dirty, I’m not the one doing it…Tarable: I’m so excited I’ve got some one thinking my way on the Snape front!Daveman: Eh, you are a freak, but I think you’ll be okay. Mr. Kaos, he isn’t an HP love either… But I think that is mostly because he doesn’t have any time to read.Landismom: Like I said my original plan was to take it with me, devour it completely and have ALL KNOWLEDGE so that no one could spill for me, but I feel like that wouldn’t be fair to K on her big vacation and I would wind up sobbing in my hotel room between Disney Adventures… but I really understand your impulse. I happen to have a book store on the corner (literally, I walk down a very short block and cross the street and there it is) and the first day I’m home I am going to pop in and pick it up… and then there will be no dealing with me.Flutter: You know, we’ve discussed this. You are just such an awesome person. All Harry Potter goodness and stuff!!!! Thank you thank you!!Jo: I fear for Hermoine as well… no one is safe in fact. But you really think D had a horcrux? He seemed to have much disdain for them, and a heavy support of mortality. After all he had his friend destroy the sorcerers stone. And when he and Harry discussed the Horcruxes he said you had to tear your soul in pieces to make one, and to do that you had to commit a horrible act. I like to think D would find a more passive way to live on.For the Love: I think it likely he made and unbreakable promise with D, good point. And I wish I could say I won’t gulp the book down but I will probably hide in my room with a cherry coke and munchies, curl up in my bed, ask Mr. Kaos to take K somewhere and read until they make me come out…. Then finish it when they go to bed. Then I will read it a second time much more slowly. and that is all the time we have for today ladies and gentlemen…I feel CRAZY in need of my Potter fix now.

  8. bellevelma says:

    I never even considered that – Harry killing Snape. If he does then I want you to tell me what lottery numbers to play okay? I just finished a book and am going back to HBP to reread it and get ready for DH because guess what?! I am going to the midnight release. In one week! OMG! I promise not to spoil it for you.

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