the bubbles…

I normally try to post something as soon as I wake up, so it isn’t unusual for me to write something the night before, put some finishing touches on it and pass it on to all of you in the form of CamiKaos morning love.

And that’s just what I did yesterday. I wrote a piece to post today figuring I would polish it up a little in the morning (or not) and hit publish…

But this morning has gone a different way. It’s gone the way of the child and that can be a beautiful thing.

Today it is.

We woke up all snuggled, still wrapped in dreams and stretched our arms and legs, yawned and sat up… it was almost choreographed. I opened the heavy curtains in my bedroom (the only curtains that will be opened today since our temperatures are expected to reach 101) and we smiled. Smiled, giggled, laughed and schemed… to fill the entire yard with bubbles.

We ate some breakfast, I returned a phone call, we dressed, ran outside, grabbed our bubbles from the front porch and set to the task at hand…. bubbles bubbles everywhere.

I think we did fairly well. Each of us with a bubble wand in each hand twirling and waving and blowing the bubbles, coaxing them into the air where the breeze would pick them up and they would do a little dance suspended before our eyes before the current raised them up almost too high to see where they would burst.

These days, these moments and so many others like them make up a magic world that I love to live in. When K is grown, I hope she can still enjoy these moments as I do. I hope that she retains some of the whimsy in her heart that she has now.

And I hope that I am there to see it, and that I still love to live in that special world where her giggle and smile make this world a better place…


Just a note on postcards. Do you want me to send you a postcard? Do you know at all what I am talking about? Check out my postcard post and if you want one let me know but please remember I can’t send you a postcard without your address. The cut off date for postcard requests is Wednesday July 18th.

Tomorrow, a word on Harry Potter.

10 thoughts on “the bubbles…

  1. Kami says:

    What a completely perfect memory you just created. I am smiling ear to ear, visualizing you two twirling around the yard.

  2. The Holmes says:

    I recently introduced my little toddler to the joy that is bubbles. It was so cool to watch him, eyes wide, reaching out for the floating clear orbs out in front of him. It was definitely one of those moments of seeing things through his eyes.

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