hair today

I did something today that I have never done before. Ever.

I had a hair appointment (which I have done numerous times) and I took K with me.


In the past I have always gone when she was in school or waited for the weekend when Mr. Kaos was home so I could go and have that special time with my wonderful hair stylist by myself. All alone. Her and me and those tawdry magazines that talk about peoples lives that I NEVER read…. except when I am getting my hair done. It is my little gift to me to make up for the immense pain of having my brows sculpted.

But today that special magic time with me and the amazing Francis was not to be… because I needed to get in and have this shaggy mop trimmed before we go on our trip. HAD TO. And she only had 1 weekend appointment available before we go and I know that Mr. Kaos needs his hair done too… so graciously I let him have the glorious kid free weekend appointment.

I went in today at 9 AM so that there would be fewer people there to witness the horror that is me taking my 5 year old to the salon.

Where she watched a dvd with her headphones on. And drank juice. And snacked. And occasionally sang the princess version of the 12 days of Christmas. Yes, it is July, but it’s a princess dvd and if you have learned one thing about my daughter it should be that she LOVES those damn princesses.

Eventually she got bored and sat on my lap.

and wiggled a little.

and asked A LOT of questions about the brow waxing.

and I tried not to make the murder face while Francis plucked my brows to perfection… because the murder face, it isn’t pleasant…

and then when I was all done, coiffed to perfection it was K’s turn.

To cut her beautiful locks. That gorgeous mane. Francis cut off a whole 3 inches.

And now she is convinced she looks even more like a princess.


she had a great time and was SOOO well behaved I got her a cookie from the coffee shop and Francis gave her a special gift… but I really did miss my alone time with my hair and my dirty magazines…

So I’ll get a pedicure next week and make it up to myself…

6 thoughts on “hair today

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahh she sounds so good.My two are nightmares at the salon and I try to take my mum for back up if Mr B can’t come.I so get the ‘me’ time thing.I love having a chat, a head massage and a hair cut. It’s one of the most relaxing times and it is definitely best to go alone.

  2. bellevelma says:

    There is NOTHING wrong with the murder face. I put it on BEFORE I take my son with me when I have a hair appt. I think of as the hurricane warnings on TV. He knows what’s coming… I know what you mean though. I miss that alone time with the sylist too.

  3. mielikki says:

    But such a nice, girly moment to share! She may be the princess (and now, look the part) but, you are the queen. And a pedicure for the queen is definately in order.

  4. Daveman says:

    Ladies Salons? These places sound more and more like Little Shops of Horrors. You women need medals of valor for what you endure to look purdy.

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