privileged whining

Okay I admit… that last post was a little poor me the super lucky urban mom…

boo hoo…

I’m a happily married woman.

boo hoo…

My husband had to leave town for 1 night.

boo hoo…

My schedule has been interrupted.

Well yeah. Boo hoo. I am really lucky. Sometimes I see what I have to complain about and I just feel so… for lack of a better word… blessed.

Or really really fucking lucky. That would be a good way to say it too.

I still don’t know how I got here sometimes, but even being happily married with a great kid has its frustrations… such as said kid asking every 5 minutes from morning till bedtime when daddy is coming home…

The funny thing? She doesn’t do that when he’s at the office.

Does she sense my tension? My fear? My ridiculous and utterly paralyzing terror that something could happen to him while he is *so* far away?


But what I was really trying to whine about in that last post was people being inconsiderate, flaky and unreliable in the business world.

But I was trying to do it without naming names or locations…

So I resorted to vague housewife whining…

But if any of you are curious: Mr. Kaos had to reschedule his flight to accommodate the late hour of the meeting. He was still running late as he rushed to the airport but he made it just in time.

Just in time for them to cancel his rescheduled flight home.

Because of weather.

I want him home, but who am I to argue with Mother Nature?

She can make a tiny spider that is capable of biting my pinky and causing my hand to swell to the size of a baseball mitt. She can wipe out an entire city with a cloud. She can kill the dinos.

No way am I arguing with her. That bitch is hardcore.

Edited to add: It is 1:08pm Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Kaos’ flight just landed in good ol Portland. Hear that? That’s my phone ringing… it’s Mr. Kaos with some curious news! Oh and he’s in the car on his way to the house…

8 thoughts on “privileged whining

  1. mielikki says:

    Smart girl, do not fool with mother nature. Just think of the nice reunion you will get to have with Mr. K when he does get home!

  2. CamiKaos says:

    He’s home, he’s sleeping next to us while K and I watch cartoons…and as for the curious news… I don’t want to jinx it… The family Kaos may have an adventure soon…

  3. Corey~living and loving says:

    So very glad he made it home and you are all happy now. :)my DH is a commercial fisherman. I am like totaly used to him being gone. It is when he comes back that he messes up my life. LOL I have to share the remote.

  4. Lindyloo says:

    glad he’s home. I know how you feel I hate it w/ Squidge Dad travels. I don’t usually sleep for the first few days he’s away.

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