10 hours

I feel drunk. Positively drunk, though I haven’t had a drop to drink since that margarita (okay several margaritas) the other day.

Heady. Blissful. Billowy.

Because last night I got what I needed. Needed oh so badly.

10 hours of sleep.

I went places baby, let me tell you…

On second thought lets keep that just between me and me cause… oh yeah I went places, saw some stuff…. maybe I should go back… to sleep?

No, no I’m awake now. I’ve been awake for a while but still I’m warm and cozy, blissful. Like a blanket is just tucked in all around me (except over my face cause I hate that).

It’s amazing what 10 hours of sleep can do.

K stayed up a bit late, but Mr. Kaos was still on East Coast time so he was asleep by 10. I was with him in dreamland by 10:30.

Me asleep by 10:30! Oh it was good.

of course sleeping only 4 of the previous 48 hours could have had something to do with it…

9 thoughts on “10 hours

  1. LaRousse says:

    So, I’m happy for you, but mostly, I’m jealous. I’m probably YEARS away from uninterrupted sleep, let alone 10 hours of it (right now I’d settle for 6).

  2. Daveman says:

    So – you spilled your beauty secrets eh? Yesss! NOW.., I can be beautiful too! Uhm… but in a manly sort of way.

  3. CamiKaos says:

    thordora: It’s okay, normally I would say that to ten hours of sleep too. I have no idea when I’ll see another night like that…daveman: aren’t you already a manly kind of beautiful?flutter: SLEEEEEEEP!!!! There was that movie where they just told people to sleep and they would… but they were aliens with evil plans and a mad Keifer Sutherland… and I am a nice person and just want you to sleep because I find sleeping of so comforting…Corey: it was fabOTJ: I hope you’re feeling better, and that you’re getting some. Some sleep that is.M: We’re glad tooLa: Hahaha. It says the right thing now and I am calling you La anyway…. HHAHAHA. This offer is for you and only you. When the man is out of town this summer if you need a nap one day just feed the little guy, then drop he and T off for a while and go home and nap. When you wake up come back and I will make you a blendy drink.

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