lonely night take 2

Mr. Kaos is out of town.

In theory… IF… everything continues according the the increasingly messed up schedule he will be home tonight.

Well no, tomorrow morning.


IF the people he is meeting are able to keep the schedule they rearranged. after he flew there. across the country. for 1 brief meeting.


(I secretly imagine that my rage is not impotent and that somewhere across the country there is a man in a cubicle cowering, feeling the terrible weight of the unresolved anger of CamiKaos)

That is all I can say on that.

What I can say is that last night, lonely night 1, was not as lonely between 6 and 10pm because I have a great friend and an awesome kid.

And because we had a pitcher of margaritas.

Except for K who had the 5 year old equivalent to tequila. an ice cream sundae.

Whatever will we do on lonely night 2?

2 thoughts on “lonely night take 2

  1. Daveman says:

    Get some Pringles and soda (or kool-aid), pop in a movie. Celebrate the ending with an ice cream sundae! YAY!OR – find a game K likes to play and do that. Or.. Both! YAY!

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