you want?

So people, I’m hearing you want bathroom update pictures.

You do?



Well let me let you in on a couple of things:

Thing 1: We’re working our ASSES to the BONE here on stuff. Sadly not all of it is the bathroom. It’s the only thing we really truly want to be working on.

Thing 2: I just finished my very long and involved process of selecting and preparing photos for K’s graduation slide show THING. Then I chose the appropriate music. That whole thing there. It took me 6 years to do. K is getting ready to graduate from 6th grade now… not preschool, so I don’t know what I am going to do with all these pictures. Maybe save them for next week when she is 16 and going on a date with some guy I don’t approve of so I can embarrass her.

Thing 3: I appear to have a problem saying no (despite all I learned from Nancy Reagan). I was the book order parent for the school this year. Which is fun and all (sigh) but now that it is the end of the year I feel compelled to put together a nice folder with all the information (like logins and passwords and return address labels and the how to mumbo jumbo). It wouldn’t be a problem except that I’ve already spent 6 years on the other thing.

Thing 4: That brought us here. To thing 4. As is traditional our class is giving the AMAZING teacher a goodbye gift. It’s from all the kids. So naturally I am doing it all by myself. It started as a simple idea. Buy the teacher and her two assistants gift cards, but because that isn’t personal we wanted to leave her with something to remember the kids by. Who should we ask? We should (apparently) ask Cami. Cami is an artist (she is???) She’ll know what to do (she will??)

Okay, so I did, and I was flattered that the parent(s) thought I would be able to come up with something, and in fact I did. That’s what left us printing the hands of 16 children last week. But before we could print them I had to prime and spray paint the bulletin board (it’s cute). Then I had to paint the frame. It took 4 coats. Then I needed to paint the names of each child around the red frame… with white. But I was smart. I was going to use my white fine point paint pen. GENIUS. Except that it was empty. So today I got more, and now I have to do it… except I spent 6 years doing the other thing.. so I am tired. But I will do it. Because it has to be dry in time for me to put the topcoat on it so the hand prints don’t wash away in the rain.

Did I mention that it is RAINING.

Raining a lot.

Thing 5: Where on earth am I going with this? Oh yea, circular… back to Thing 1: We want to get something done on the bathroom but the truth is I finished ALL of my demo. Kaptain Kaos installed the window and we are preparing to put in the insulation and shower surround. But Kaptain still has to rip out some old pipes that are no longer attached to anything. So really right now, there is NOTHING exciting in the in between stage to photograph… but I will let you see some pieces that have been sitting in my living room for weeks.

Because. I love you. And I realize this post sounded like I am mad at all of you.

But I’m not.

I’m. Just. So. Tired.

So here is my sink and stand
And this is my beautiful new sink and faucet
and the tile we went to Vancouver and used a time machine to get… it looks nicer in person

what an anticlimactic ending.

4 thoughts on “you want?

  1. Daveman says:

    I like the sink! Has a certain personality to it.., N-Sync? – eh – that joke came up lame, didn it. seriously – I do like the sink though.WHAT THE HECK I just discovered my ” ” key is dead! (a, , c, d)., that key! DANG! What thuh? I guess thats what I get for making dum_ jokes! ACK!

  2. Lindyloo says:

    Love the sink.I’m pea green w/ envy. I was supposed to have a bathroom remodel while I was preggers. Squidge will be 1 in June- still peeing in the same nasty mint green toilet!

  3. Bubblewench says:

    Will it be done in time for us to see it? Probably not… And no, we’re not helping to peel wallpaper in the kitchen. Sledgehammer yes, peeling no.

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