Well people the eight has come around. What’s the eight? Hahah, funny stuff what’s the eight? You know the eight meme that’s floating around this big ol internet place. Don’t you people read blogs? Landismom over at Bumblebee Sweet Potato tagged me for this eightaliscious meme.

The rules? Whatever! It’s the eight meme. EIGHT get it. I tell you eight things/ facts/ truths/ oddities about me and then I tag 8 (yes eight) of you. You do the same and so on and so forth etc. etc…

I know you can’t wait, you, yes you just sitting there scrunching up your eyes and crossing your fingers just hoping against hope that you will be tagged for the eight by Camikaos and her magic eight wand. You’ll just have to wait to find out… or skip to the end.

Now for the eight things that you never needed to know about me:

Eins: I hate the smell of plastic wrap. There is something sickly sweet and foul, almost rotting about the odor of saran wrap that I just can’t get past.

Zwei: I wrote three separate factoids, things, infobits in this slot and deleted each of them in turn thinking they weren’t right for this spot and moved past number two. I came up with something for every other number and then chose my 8 little taglets and was just checking my links when all of a sudden WHOOOSH down the toilet went the whole damn thing. Total post deletion. I can’t recall what I came up with for any of my other factoids, I only recall I couldn’t come up with this one.

Drei: I felt very out of place in school. I never felt I fit in. Ever. By high school I felt so uncomfortable everyday being at school made me feel sick. By my senior year I barely ever showed up. I would have flunked out of school if my parents hadn’t been smart/ caring/ crazy/ insightful/ thick skinned enough to let me test out of school early and help me move to Portland. So I never went to my prom. I never had my senior portrait. I didn’t go to graduation. I have never regretted this. The only part I regret is that I moved away so quickly that I never had a chance to say goodbye (so long) to a few people who had been really great to me. A few of them I’ve reconnected with. One of them passed away. The others are out there somewhere living there lives.

Vier: I do not like beer. Doesn’t matter what kind it is, how well it’s made, what color or texture or style. I don’t drink beer.

Funf: One of the happiest times in my life prior to meeting, marrying, and breeding with Mr. Kaos was when I lived in a townhouse apartment just down the street from where I live now. I shared the place with Dave (just dave). We lived next door to President Reid and his lovely girlfriend (now wife & baby mama). Dave and I would play video games and smoke cigarettes night and day. He’d drink Dr. Pepper. I’d drink Pepsi. We knew the plaid pantry guy and the pizza guy by name. I would never want to live that way again, but then, then it was really good.

Sechs: Though I almost never eat it, I love fried chicken. It’s one of my favorite foods. But only home cooked, and only if it’s good.

Sieben: I call my mother every day. Mr. Kaos had to get us an inhuman amount of minutes on our phone plan because I went over our allotted minutes talking on the phone TO HER.

Acht: I never went to college. I always assumed I would go when I was “ready”. I didn’t want to waste my time and money when I was only going to get bored and drop out. I am taking my very first college courses this summer. I think I’m ready.

Hmm… now for the eight (yes 8) lucky winner’s of cami’s tag:

giddy, melanie (in orygun), daveman, sybil, julie (paging polly prissy pants), lindyloo, bubblewench, mielikki.

You’re it.

PS to the chadness: your shiny bald head would have gotten tagged too if you had a blog.

9 thoughts on “acht

  1. mielikki says:

    Wonderful. Now I have to go think. And, I hate not only the smell of saran wrap, but the way it comes off the roll, too. I refuse to use the stuff.

  2. CamiKaos says:

    M: When I started writing that last night I had just gotten some salad rolls from my favorite neighborhood place and one of them had a small piece of saran wrap on it. I almost puked into the box…

  3. Daveman says:

    Gnuk-Gnuk-Gnyu.., Hey Moe! Larry! I call “Nullsies!”Terri – already nailed me on that particular Meme: (ref) you and Dave knew der Plaid Panty man? Ooooh! Nooo! I don’t want to hear about der plaid panty wearing man.. thats scarink me … uhm.., Oh! WAIT! You said “Plaid PANTRY man”. Never mind. *hugs*

  4. Bubblewench says:

    Oh you stink…. like I can think about this right now? This one is sitting, my brain’s already on vacation!

  5. landismom says:

    Thanks for playing along! And yes, I love the homemade fried chicken, but oh so bad for the cholesterol.

  6. julie says:

    I will play tonight! If I don’t, send me a quick kick in the ass to make me remember! PS: I talk to my mom every day, too.

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