they’re not dead yet…

Last night I asked Mr. Kaos to stop by the local grocery for 1 very important reason (if I’m being honest 2 very important reasons).

Reason #1: It was sunny and gorgeous here yesterday and for some reason I wanted me a good ol’ Spring BBQ complete with grilled chicken and corn on the cob.

Reason #2: I drank the last cherry cola (2 of them were flat) and needed more before I had an early morning breakdown.

While he was at the store he found a great deal on something that we need like another whole in my head (for general reference there are a fair number of holes in my head already… I’m like Swiss cheese babies).

He was so excited he called me while leaving the store (a whole 12 blocks away) to tell me he got something so great I was going to burst. He wouldn’t tell me what but told me there were 2 (count them 2) of them and I was just going to be beside myself with joy. So joyous in fact that he asked me to come and stand in the front yard so I could receive my exciting Thursday evening surprise immediately upon his arrival. It was so good, so exciting it couldn’t even wait the 30 seconds for him to come through the door.

What was this joyous gift? Did he find amazing tropical vacations 2 for the price of one? A summer home and winter cottage all for the low low price of 19.99? No silly.

DVD’s!! What DVD’s? Only the 1st season of Soap AND the 1st season of Barney Miller.

Can you even believe the love?

What this prompted though, not love, an illness. Mr. Kaos has a problem which I call the “they aren’t dead yet syndrome”

He thinks everyone in Hollywood is dead long before they actually pass. Bringing home two 70’s TV shows didn’t help. He recalled fondly watching them as a young man and then calmly said how sad it is that Robert Guillaume isn’t with us anymore.

CK: He’s not dead

MK: Yeah sweetie he died a few years ago

CK: You’re doing that thing where you think someone is dead

MK: No, he really is, look it up.

I did. He’s alive. I showed Mr. Kaos. He couldn’t believe it. I showed him right here . He voiced a video game this year for pete’s sake. He had to give in, I was right (again) he’s always thinking people are dead.

MK: What about Angie Dickinson?

CK: No honey, she’s not dead.

MK: Can you look it up?

12 thoughts on “they’re not dead yet…

  1. Mom of Three says:

    See, my husband brought home the entire collection of “Firefly.” Some geeky sci-fi series. And he doesn’t understand why I am just not thrilled to plunk my butt down on the couch and stare, slack-jawed, at like six hours of this series while the kids go unfed, unchanged and turn feral.

  2. Mom of Three says:

    We have this argument with rock bands. I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but I can remember every hair band I ever heard. He thinks he’s right, so I have to goooogle it, and I’m always right. It was NOT Faster Pussycat, it was Dio.Sheesh.

  3. mielikki says:

    I love it! One of the men from Barney Miller did just die in the last few weeks, though. Just don’t ask me which one. . .

  4. CamiKaos says:

    are you talking about Jack DeLeon who died in October 2006 or are you pulling and Eddie Izzard and blowing smoke up my ass? :)

  5. mielikki says:

    no! I can’t remember the guy’s name, but he played one of the “minor” cops, the very white one who came in and out, not one who actually was a detective.

  6. Mr. Kaos says:

    We love you Sybil!I was humming the tune all the way home. If you were in a high school stage band or “pep Band” in the late ’70’s, you couldn’t avoid playing that tune. It’s burned into my high school memories along with the smell of Clearasil®.

  7. sybil law says:

    Oh, Mr. Kaos – love all around!Also, Night Court had some music very similar to Barney Miller, and at times, when humming one or the other, I’d mix the two… But good, anyway. I prefer Barney Miller. I was a kid when that show was on, but I LOVED it.I played violin – all I ever really wanted to learn was, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” – HAHA.Too bad at 35, almost 36, I STILL need Clearasil! Yikes!

  8. CamiKaos says:

    Syb, I almost fell over laughing when I read your last comment… I love Barney Miller but I hadn’t seen it in so long that I started singing the Night Court theme as soon as I saw the Barney Miller dvd… it only took me a few moments to realize my mistake… but I am so glad I am not alone in my song crossing insanity.

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