won’t you be my neighbor?

As we sat on our front porch this evening spying on… er… appreciating our neighborhood, we saw our new neighbors outside playing with their son and dogs.

MK: Hey, you done with your mimosa? Go meet the new neighbors.

CK: No

MK: Yeah. Go.

CK: No, you go. I have to drink this. Can’t leave the porch.

MK: Send the girl.

CK: Sure, K, go meet the neighbors.

KK: Uh NO.

Sigh. okay, I gave in. I took a big swig of my mimosa (I know I know, why do I drink mimosas at 6 o’clock) handed it to Mr. Kaos and took K by the hand.

KK: I’m not going anywhere!

CK: K I am just going to go say hi to the new neighbors.

KK: Oh, okay but I am NOT talking to anyone.

CK: Okay. You can be a mime then, just make sure you have the invisible box move down.

4 thoughts on “won’t you be my neighbor?

  1. mielikki says:

    drinking Mimosa’s at 6 is a fabulous idea. Drinking Mimosa’s at any time is a fabulous idea. . .I’ll be your neighbor, we’ll have Mimosa block parties.

  2. sybil law says:

    I’m with K – I don’t like meeting neighbors. I am just that unfriendly.But the mimosas sound good. Maybe that would take the sharp, sharp edge off my hangover today. :)

  3. julie says:

    I hate meeting neighbors, too. I mean, it’s a great idea — in theory. But I really don’t like people that much.

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