the sleepless nights of me…

In the ongoing saga of the sleepless nights of me last night was not a winner.

When I wake up in the morning I do not expect to be the happy go lucky hunky dory happy girl of the ages… but I expect some semblance of peace. sanity. quiet. Even if it is just for 6.78 seconds. Yes, yes this is where I start bitching, and no, you don’t have to stay around for my rambling complaint. It will be here whether you read it or not so feel free to come back next week when I may have something more cognisant to say.

For those of you who desperately long to hear me whine and complain… here we go.

Why don’t people (my family and cats in specific) respect the sanctity of sleep? We’re talking about my sleep in specific, but feel free to give me any thoughts on your families sleeping or non sleeping habits (you all can bitch too after all).

Yesterday I woke up to the loud excited sounds of K’s big voice going on and on about the dream she had. The first 3 seconds of her day were spent talking, the next 3 seconds were spent talking louder and it only seemed to escalate from there. By 1 minute into our day she had completed the “real” portion of her dream and was standing on my bed hovering over me expanding on the part of her dream she imagines she would have had if she hadn’t woken up yet. With a loud speaker.

It took all of my energy not to start screaming. Oh hell, it was yesterday, for all I know I did start screaming, let’s ask Mr. Kaos: Mr. Kaos, babe, did I scream yesterday when morning babble fest 2007 was occurring? I’m sure he will later tell me he doesn’t recall but since I scream all the time he guesses I did.

It was a rough go but I made a full recovery. I cleaned things, wrote (badly), made sidewalk art, cleaned more things, did a little organizing and tried to have a nice spring break day.

Today, the struggle continues. I’m afraid today is going to be more of an uphill battle because I don’t have a good night’s sleep to back me up this time. K woke up about every 90 minutes through out the night. She had strange requests. The one I remember the best is asking if we would please hold her hand. No. I don’t want to hold any one’s hand at 2 am 4:30 am or 6 am. Say I am a bad person, I just don’t wanna.

When I woke for the last time this morning it was 7am. I didn’t want to get up at 7am today. I had specific plans to sleep until at least 8 while I let K watch cartoons, didn’t happen. The nice sunny weather caused a severe need in Mr. Kaos for some very specific pants (that are in the laundry) and shirts (that are put away with the summer clothes). No one can sleep through that.

I agree though that he should have access to his shirts, I only wish I had been warned last night “Honey” I imagine he may have said “If you don’t get my light weight shirts out of the summer closet tonight… well tomorrow morning won’t be pretty”.

If I had only KNOWN I would have done the dutiful housewife thing and gone to retrieve them from the pile of summery goodness. I didn’t know. So I had to hear the frustration and insanity as he looked for them 1 hour before an important meeting. As I said, no one can sleep through that. After being roused from my pillowy bliss, being irritated and childishly slamming the bathroom door I went up to retrieve his shirts so he could get out the door (I hope) on time…

Maybe this should have been titled the on going saga of seasonal clothes & sleepless nights of me…

3 thoughts on “the sleepless nights of me…

  1. mielikki says:

    your plight is a sad one, sleep interferance is a punishable by death offense in my small world. My cats are not allowed in the bedroom. I don’t have a child, however. If I ever do? I don’t know what I will do

  2. Velma says:

    I feel your pain. Not enough sleep makes me a tad, erhm… what’s that word… psychotic? Yes, that’s it! I hope you get some quality sleep tonight.

  3. Bubblewench says:

    I haven’t had a good nights sleep in over 3 years. I miss it sorely. I keep begging my doctor for soemthing and she refuses. ENT told me I have sleep apnea and after the reflux has healed he is going to have me tested. I look forward to some day sleeping again. It’s one of my dreams….

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