mud monster

K and I decided on a change of scenery for lunch today so I packed up her sandwich and my salad, grabbed some lemonade from the fridge and we were off to the park to eat lunch under the trees.  After choosing a table with just the right mixture of sun and shade we sat to eat our lunch and listen to the park sounds all around us.  The birds, the squirrels, the children playing kickball and the guy in a suit and sneakers taking a conference call as he walked along the path near us.

Then it was off to play for a while before we tackled our errands.  K rolled her eyes at me as I skirted a wet area of the grass and  muttered “uck. mud”.  She may have said I was silly, really silly, before she ran off towards the swings.

Suddenly there was a loud sucking squelch noise and K yelled  “Uck!! Mud!” at the top of her lungs.  She ran through a particularly sticky patch of mud and it robbed her of her shoe.  She’d continued two steps further before she realized her predicament so not only was her sneaker stuck in a giant patch of mud, her sock was now covered in it as well.  So were her jeans.  And her shirt.

How bad would it be if I rolled my eyes and laughed at her?  Not that I did that.  Because, clearly I wouldn’t have.  Okay.  Fine I did.  I rolled my eyes and laughed loudly before rescuing her and both her shoes from the biggest mud puddle in the park.

And then maybe, just maybe, I laughed some more.

3 thoughts on “mud monster

  1. Sybil Law says:

    I was going to say, “WTH?! You didn’t LAUGH? Who are you and what have you done with Cami?!!”, but then you laughed.
    All is right in the world.

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