the curious timing of K Kaos

My child, and I like to assume all the other children in the world do this too as it makes me feel better, only wakes up early when it is least opportune for me.

And on Christmas.

On a normal school day?  Impossible to get her out of bed until 7.  On a Saturday she’s up at 6.  Late start day at school, like today where I don’t have to have her there until 10 AM?  She’s up at 5:30.

Not just up, but up and happy and smiling and singing and dancing and reading comic books and giggling.  And as much as I tell her 7,000 times to -play quietly-shh-stop that-let mama sleep-knock it off– I can’t help but revel in her morning joy.

Until I fall back asleep again.  Then it’s all about how much I hate my alarm clock.

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