the season

It isn’t the rain that signals a change of seasons here.  The semi-constant rain cleanses and renews but it doesn’t mark change.  Nor does the blinding sun, which seems to come more in the dead of winter.  It seems determined to blind us more than to hold back the chill in the air. The seasons … Continue reading the season

a technicality…

It's not yet midnight here on the West-coast.  It's not even close to midnight actually.  Prime time TV is still on.  At least I think it is... they still call it prime time don't they? Hell I don't know.  I don't watch TV, I have internets. Whatever.  That's neither here nor there.  What is both … Continue reading a technicality…

an underlying issue

You know what we haven't talked about in a while babies?  Underwear.  That's right.  Undies.  Panties.  Undergarments. They're a big deal.  A really big deal.  They're a fundamental part of your everyday life, whether you think about them or not.  Wait, do you think about them?  Is that just me?  Do you have any idea … Continue reading an underlying issue

little sleeps

Every night has the same routine. That doesn't mean that every night is the same.  They all have their own special set of circumstances.  A different set of challenges.  Conversations.  A new story to read or a new chapter to begin.  The pjs change.  Sometimes the cats curl up at the foot of her bed.  … Continue reading little sleeps


Time is such a slippery commodity.  It's not measurable in advance with any certainty but the increments we leave behind are solid, accounted for down to the microsecond on the clock of life.  Each moment changing, evolving, forming us as we continue on our paths. But there is no universal scale with which to weigh … Continue reading time

long story

It was nearly 3 years ago that I decided, not for the first time in my life, to chop off most of my hair.  It's been long, short and half shaved.  Blond, black, red, white, purple and burgundy.  The one constant with my hair since the age of 14 has been change. But when I … Continue reading long story