an underlying issue

You know what we haven’t talked about in a while babies?  Underwear.  That’s right.  Undies.  Panties.  Undergarments.

They’re a big deal.  A really big deal.  They’re a fundamental part of your everyday life, whether you think about them or not.  Wait, do you think about them?  Is that just me?  Do you have any idea what a good pair of panties can do for a girl?  A lot.  A whole lot.  The right undies can have you walking tall with confidence and grace.  The wrong panties?  Will give you a pantyline.  Or a wedgie.

But it occurs to me that women tend to shift.  They tend to change the kind of undies they wear throughout their life.  From age to age, relationship to relationship and even different times of the month can require different types of underwear for comfort as well…  but boys.

Hey boys?  What about you?  It seems to me that all the boys… if you’d like I can call you men, does that make you feel better?  All the men I’ve consulted on the underwear issue have been regulars to one type of undies.  Boxers, briefs, bikinis…  a few of you think commando is the way to go.

Now it’s not always the same kind of undies their mama’s made them wear.  There was often a switch some time between puberty and mid 20s. It’s just really different than the way girls seem to go.

Why am I bringing this up?  Why is this of consequence to me?  Because I just came back from the Midwest and I saw way too many pantylines there for my own comfort.  Somebody needs to teach a class on the subject.

3 thoughts on “an underlying issue

  1. Mom says:

    the truth of the matter is that you are right, however, there are a lot of bigger issues out here then “pantie line” honest to god, have you ever noticed the deplorable condition of peoples teeth out here. Of course undies are a lot cheaper to fix.

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