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In July of last year a dear friend of mine decided to follow her bliss.  Her vision.  Her desire in life.  She decided to set aside so many other parts of her life and focus on a task that she found important to her soul, and also, to the future of on line publishing.

Michelle Anderson, known by the Portland tech scene as mediaChick, embarked on a bold new journey to write a deeply personal, heart wrenching and erotic tale, a fictionalized account of a part of her life that had great impact on her.

The Miracle in July

Almost a year later and she’s finished what I like to call her rough draft.  She’s got the entire story, sans epilogue, up for you and all the world to dive into.  But like I said.  It’s a rough draft.  She’s done amazing things by mixing online media with her heartfelt story but now she needs to take it to the next level.

She needs the ability to further follow her bliss, pursue her vision and solidify the writing and media that she’s worked so hard on.  This is where you come in.  Have you every dreamed of being a patron of the arts?  Helping out a struggling writer? And getting thank yous and accolades for it?

Now’s your chance.

Michelle is raising funds to finish her book with a research and media collection trip to Denmark (where much of her adventure took place) through a program called Kickstarter.  You can donate now to help her with her dream by handing over as little as $10 (and getting some fab thank you gifts in return) but as of this posting she has just over 30 hours to meet her funding goal.  What happens if she doesn’t meet her goal?  Oh babies, it’s an all or nothing kind of deal.  If she doesn’t raise the funds required we all keep our cash and she sits and stews on another way to make it happen.

Want to read more about Kickstarter and Michelle?  Check out a great article by another fantastic pal of mine, Shawn Levy, from Sunday’s Oregonian.

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