another birthday?

yes. yes. yes.We've spent the month of March saying Happy Birthday to a new person each time a new day dawns.Almost literally.Today marks the last in a long line of March birthdays...A day so important that you would think I would have done... more.A day that I should throw my all into and ensure that … Continue reading another birthday?

to my friend

That young face with its tight lipped smile and long unruly hair is my dear friend Martin as he was when I met him more than a decade ago.More than a decade.For over a third of my life Martin has been a fixture in it.Whether near or far he's always in my thoughts. I always … Continue reading to my friend

piece of cake…

we're still getting ready for K's party Saturday morning...All I can say is that I'm late. I'm late for a very important date.No time to say Hello...GOODBYEI'm late. I'm late. I'm late.


I declined to talk yesterday about something of the utmost importance.Well I didn't talk about it here.It was a conscious choice.Truth be told I'm not sure why I made it.Yesterday though... was K's sixth birthday.My little girl has gone from thisto thisin six years...It took a lot for her to get from there to here. … Continue reading yesterday