there was this girl…

And the first time I met her I really didn’t care for her.

At all.

And she? She didn’t like me so much either.

It was okay that way… right? I mean when two people meet and they really don’t like each other…

at all…

the sensible thing for those two people to do is to steer clear of each other right?

You’d think so, except that this girl lived across the street from a coffee shop I was working at…

and hanging out at…

but for the purposes of this story I was working there.

She would wake up in the morning and stumble across the street tired and bleary eyed…

or wake up in the afternoon and stumble across the street tired and bleary eyed…

and she’d want her coffee, and I would give it to her.

Maybe that’s how I grew on her, I can’t be sure. Neither can I be sure how she grew on me, but let me tell you something, we’re looking at 10 years later and I count her among my closest friends.

I love you Shannon.

Happy Fucking Birthday…. your card is late.

6 thoughts on “there was this girl…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    OMG! YOu sure know how to make a girl cry.. in a good way.. without bondage tape.. love you too. thanks.

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