it’s my party and I’ll laugh if I want to…

No real post right now because…

It’s my birthday…

So thank you to those of you who’ve sent my birthday wishes far and wide…

I’ll feel so lucky to be alive and to have my family and all of you…

I’m off to get cleaned up for a lovely dinner out with the charming Mr. Kaos… but keep a look out late tonight for the podcast I recorded with the ever enchanting Holly this morning…

If you really need a cami birthday fix before the podcast is up, check out Sybil, my daddy and Jo who all said Happy Birthday to me in their own special bloggy ways!

Yeah me!

xoxo – CamiKaos

18 thoughts on “it’s my party and I’ll laugh if I want to…

  1. Leendaluu says:

    Happy Birthday Cami! Hope you have had a fabulous day! I’m just a little fitter now because of you.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Happy Birthday, luv! Sounds like it’s been super spiffy. Can’t wait for that podcast!

  3. ImPerceptible says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m wondering why one of my favorite mom bloggers and one of my favorite dad bloggers have the same birthday. That’s a little weird.

  4. mielikki says:

    waitI left a comment hours ago, where did it go, damn it!aaaaarghHappy Birthday my sweet cousin

  5. Daryl E says:

    Happiest of happy days to you .. birthdays should be longer than a day .. all that celebrating should be done over weeks .. so enjoy! Happy BirthWeek

  6. Lilacspecs says:

    I read your birthday meal on Twitter and omg it made me drool. hope you had a happy one.

  7. Mel says:

    DAMN! I missed it. I had extremely important commitment-y stuff all day on Saturday, but kept your post set as new in my reader, and then never got over here after all.So anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I’m sorry I missed it on the day, but I’ll say to you what I say to everyone I know and like on their birthdays: I am glad you were born and are on this planet with me. Happy belated, Miss Thang.

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