the birthday of my man

Mr. Kaos asked earlier today if he got to guest post on my blog today since it was, after all, the day of his birth.

I jumped at the chance to have some well written thought provoking content on my blog for a change…

then he told me what he wanted to say and I kind of put the lid on the whole idea…

No, not really. He told me what he wanted to write, which was kind of the tale of our typical new year’s eve… It was funny, it was humor, it had sleep, coffee, passion, anger, fighting, crying, sex, champagne and plumbing.

But once he got the general theme out he didn’t feel like writing it anymore.

At all.

So I am stepping in to write my own blog post on his birthday.

But still, totally gonna be about him.

You see, while he was a planned child his parents didn’t give much thought to the whole having a child around the holidays thing.

At all.

I’m not being cruel, his mother will be the first to admit that they didn’t think the timing out too well.

If there is one thing that Mr. Kaos hates (and trust me for such a loving man he can jump on the hate wagon for a thing or 10) it’s his birthday.

Since I ‘ve known him I have made great efforts to do nice things for him for/on/around his birthday.

Do you know what I ‘ve learned?


Without fail every year the day before his birthday we have a big fight about something asinine and ordinarily it’s all his fault because he is in a bad stupid evil birthday mood. Though to be fair the big fight we had the day before his birthday THIS year wasn’t all his fault. He was trying to not be his normal birthday self but I was REALLY defensive ready for evil birthday Mr. Kaos to show up. The two things, his trying and my waiting, they rammed head first into each other to create a dazzling effect.


well then we had a big argument.

(this is what he was going to write about people, I am following his lead)


well then we folded laundry and argued.


then we made up.

BUT THEN then…

Mr. Kaos took a shower in preparation to get ready to go out and do some shopping for his birthday brunch and I went down to check the new drain pipe to ensure that all was good and there was a leak.



I went upstairs and found the leak in question and wrapped a towel around it to stop it leaking while he was in the shower…

what? it wasn’t a very big leak.

And then I showered and we got ready to go out and then…

THEN on the eve of my man’s birthday we had to go to a hardware store and 3 (count them three) different grocery stores.

Man did that SUCK.

But then we came home and do you know what we did THEN???

Well then we unpacked the groceries… but after that we had a huge dinner with my parents and we tore christmas the frick down.

It felt good. (though it isn’t all gone).

I think for once he really just wanted Christmas to be over with before his birthday.

Or something.

I’ll be honest here. I usually have a very good grasp of what Mr. Kaos is thinking. How he’s feeling. What’s going on in the old noggin there… but with this whole birthday thing I’m left adrift in a sea of I HAVE NO CLUE.

But I do know that there are two things that can make him smile:

A cake made by K fresh from her easy bake oven.

A blog post where I talk about how much I love him.

So Mr. Kaos, I love you, happy birthday from me, the only way I know how.

10 thoughts on “the birthday of my man

  1. holly says:

    happy birthday mr. kaos! btw, i have a friend who celebrates (i mean REALLY celebrates) her *half* birthday. that would put you smack dab in the middle of summer….just a thought. my gift to you. of course, if you hate the birthday for reasons other than it’s-so-close-to-christmas, then throw my gift away in the bin. it didn’t cost me anything (sorry, i’m cheap)

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Happy Birthday Mr K.Miss M turns three this month and we find it hard to buy her more stuff, when she already has Christmas stuff, so I kind of get it. We get her a prezzie on Miss E’s birthday in August too, but it is still kind of sucky for her.When she gets older, I will allow her to berate me and maybe kick me and Mr B a bit for not planning stuff better.

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