and then my brother turned 42…

42 years ago  today my brother was born. I guess that on the day of his birth he was not yet my brother. I wouldn’t come into play for another few years. So, technically it wasn’t my brother’s birthday. It was just Matt’s birthday. But 8 years later when this picture was taken it was my brother’s birthday. And there was yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And jelly beans.


Now I’m going to be really honest. I hate jelly beans. I mean I really hate them.  We’re not talking about Jelly Bellys, those are pretty good. I mean those plain old jelly beans that taste like some gross sugar and color combination that no human can identify. They’re awful.

But this post isn’t about them. It’s about my brother. An advocate for the underdog. A strong feminist. An animal lover. He appreciates books, comics, and most of all Transformers. He’s an adoring husband to his wonderful wife. A loving son to our long suffering parents. A supportive brother to me. And the best uncle my kid could ever hope for. And those who call him friend are lucky indeed to know him.

On this day, his 42 birthday, I’m wishing that life return to him all the goodness he’s given to others. And that he find the answer to life the universe and everything.

Happy birthday, big brother.

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