when the binge watching ends…

That moment where Netflix pauses play on your show and asks you if you’re still watching? Yes I’m still watching!

Yes. I know it well. You know it well. We all know it. We’ve all been there. Deep in the moment of annoyance meets shame meets I’m-a-grown-ass-person-I-do-what-I-want! Half the time I have to scramble to find the remote control to prompt it to continue.

And then I can’t find it. Because I’m snuggled down in a pile of blankets and cats and the only thing I can reach is my phone. So I just pull up the Roku app on that and use it as a remote.

No judgement. This is a judgement free zone. Binge watching is a thing now. And it totally has a place in our society.

But sometimes I long for the olden days where tv shows are meted out. Trickling to the viewing public one episode at a time. Week by week. And yes I totally know that’s still a thing that happens on television. But for the purposes of this post it doesn’t matter because I’m talking about what happened to me last week.

We snuggled down on the couch with a carefully prepared dinner. Probably pokè since I request it for dinner 6 times a day or so. We flipped through a few options and settled on a show. Typically we have a few shows going at one time. Variety is important. But mostly it keeps us from running out of one show too quickly. I’d been particularly savoring Luther and so we’d been watching it an episode or two at the most at a time. That night it was a choice between House of Cards and Luther. Why? Because there were no new good cooking shows.

Yes. Cooking shows. I have a cooking show addiction. That’s not what this is about.

We opted for Luther. Less ruthless. Less blood-thirsty. More tweed. Just my speed that evening. I sat enthralled for an hour. Finishing my dinner. Snuggling into the couch. Invading my partner’s space.

And then it happened. The end. They walked off into the bright gray sky and that was that. The show was over.

The same thing happened to me over the weekend with another show. I mean, they drove off into the blue instead of walking off into the gray but same same.

Which is why last night after watching only one episode of House of Cards we opted to watch nothing in particular whatsoever for an hour afterwards to avoid watching the last episode. These things come on so suddenly. I’m not ready to start looking for a new show…

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