things not to do with an evening to myself…

IMG_0940As I sit here on the sofa with a kitty to each side of me the evening unfurling like a spool of shiny ribbon I’m paralyzed as I contemplate the possibilities.  My mind races.

I could do anything. Or nearly anything. But what?

Because I’ve already had brunch today. And gotten a hair cut. And picked up those ridiculous caramels made here in Portland that I love more than I really think its okay to love something edible. And I seriously contemplated re-piercing my nose but decided against it because I don’t really need any more holes in my head. And I’d most likely just take it out again since I’ve already done it twice. But I did put on a tiny little slip-on nose ring just because it’s super cute and it goes so well with the PJs and high-heels I’m wearing to sit on this sofa.

I could clean the kitchen. Or scrub the toilet. Or do the laundry. Or call a friend. But if I’m at all realistic here I find it far more likely that I’m going to sit right here admiring my shoes and slip-on nose ring while I ignore all this cat fur and the dishes sitting in the sink and binge watch something I’ve already seen twice. Because priorities.

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