eat an egg, take a shower…

One of the troubles that some folks have with working from home is the very same thing some folks find so amazing. Often times those are the very same folks on a different day. Or before and after noon.

This morning I woke up and though the sun was shining outside, my bedroom was still dark and quiet. Black curtains drawn. Cats had been fed an hour previous so they weren’t bugging me. I rubbed my eyes, stretched, put on my glasses, and reached over to my bedside table to scoop up my laptop. As soon as I opened it I was sucked into the day’s events. Eventually I readjusted my pillows and sat up but it wasn’t until hours later when I needed to have a chat with a teammate that I decided to put on some clothes and move out to the where my charger is.

I hadn’t had coffee. I hadn’t had tea. I hadn’t had breakfast. I hadn’t taken my blood pressure medication. Actually I still haven’t taken my blood pressure medication let me go do that…

Even after moving to the living room with my charger it was hours before I made myself stop to do the things one needs to do to care for herself. In the time before I got smart and said “Hey you need a break!” I had several meetings, did a bunch of work, freaked out on my boyfriend over a simple schedule change, told my work partner I should have taken a mental health day, and told my friend that I’m a total wreck and she totally needed to be aware of that before I could meet her later because, duh, I might totally freak out. There may have also been a point at which I sat on the sofa staring off into space with my eyes watering up.

And why? Because I didn’t have to get up and take a shower and have a meal and get dressed to meet the day. Or coworkers. Or people of any kind. Just hours before I had been reveling in it but I let it drag on a little too long. I sat and worked a little too hard with a little too much concentration for a little too long and forgot the all important fact that I’m a person. Not a machine.

So I had a hard-boiled egg and some carrots. I had another glass of tea. I took a shower. And then I made a couple of apologies for my general crankiness and got back with the program. And as you may have noted above took my blood pressure meds. I also took my vitamins because they taste like cherry sweet-tarts.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we can only be good at what we do if we’re also at least moderately good to ourselves. I’m thinking that’s not just me.

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