life lessons with cami…

stopSome parts of my life are pretty exciting, new and different every day. But there are some things that remain the same and one of those is my daily frustration with kids riding their bikes to school and not wearing a helmet. Okay, let’s be real. Not just kids. Grown ass adults too.

Hey dumbass! Put your helmet on. I could go on a safety rant here. I could talk about common sense. I could babble about setting a good example. But instead I will just say  for kids under 16 it’s the law. Follow it.

So today this scene played out for what feels like the millionth time. I see a kid riding his bike to school. Yay! He’s getting exercise. He’s not online. He’s not looking at his phone. Fresh air. The sun is shining. But he’s not wearing a helmet. And this is where my feelings turn… dark. Black clouds consume the sky. The air crackles with energy. A boom of thunder. The set of my jaw shifts. K turns to look at me and I can see in her face that she knows what is about to come out of my mouth.

A low growl emits from my throat and I say “I just wish he would wear a helmet.” Not quietly. But not loud either.

She looks at me, probably fearing I’m going to chase this kid down the street screaming at him and wagging my finger. “Mom, don’t.” she mutters.

I give a little speech about how I really hope that nothing happens to him. That he never finds out why he should always wear a helmet as he rolls through an intersection without looking and a car slams on the brakes. And my daughter. My darling daughter who knows me so well gives me the most incredulous look and says “No you don’t!”

“Okay.” I admit “But I hope when he falls he just gets a little bump or a scratch and a headache. No concussion or lasting damage. I just wish people would wear their helmets.”

She takes a deep breath and utters “Life lessons with Cami Kaos: Learn your fucking lesson.”

I would have told her to watch her fucking language if she hadn’t been so right.

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