it’s like you don’t even know me…

bricked...I’ve spent the past couple of days in the sunny desert city of Phoenix, Arizona. And much like every trip I’ve taken in my life I find I discover something new with every trip. Take something in at every location. Grow as a person with every new corner of the world I see. And often I find myself changed. Whether it’s for the better is debatable. But changed, certainly changed. There is something incredible about taking in new information and being informed by new places. Their art. Culture. Cuisine.

And while one can never truly anticipate what they’ll learn or how they may change on a trip to a new place I think it’s safe to say that this newest change is something I didn’t see coming. Perhaps I should have. I mean if I really stop to think about this it makes a lot of sense. That I would absorb my surroundings. Change the way I interact with the world around me.

After two days in Arizona it’s become obvious that I’m just not the same person I was when I stepped on that plane in Portland Friday morning. Phoenix has transformed me.

Or at least that’s what my iPhone thinks.

Maybe it’s the dry heat sapping the moisture from my fingertips. Maybe it was the hours soaking in a hot tub. Maybe all the paper I handled was actually a fine grain sandpaper. But my phone, my constant companion, will no longer accept the prints of any of the 4 fingertips I mapped. At first I was confused. Then curious. But now I’m just downright annoyed and more than a little afraid I’ll come down with a sudden case of amnesia and completely forget my unlock code. I had totally been relying on fingerprint recognition to tell me who I am if that happened. It might be time to come up with a new failsafe.

Though I admit it did prompt me to view a life of crime as a viable option…

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