great things come in small packages…

A couple of months ago on one of my rare visits to the office my boss asked if he could have a word with me. You all know what that’s like? That moment of abject terror when you review everything you have done or could be called out on for the last week, two weeks, month, six months. Formulating in your mind just the right reply or witty retort. I had the moment of terror…

Then I realized that I hadn’t done anything. And that I hadn’t done nothing either. So I marched off to a coffee shop with my boss so we could talk in something resembling privacy. And that short trip to a coffee shop led me through a crazy rabbit hole, on the other side of which, was Tiny Startup Camp.

While I’m no stranger to events and conferences, or to organizing them, it had been a while. And while we had amazing help and support promoting and formatting TSC and a dedicated volunteer to help out at the two day event itself, it was largely Jason Glaspey and I doing all the work. It was his event, something he had been wanting to produce for years. His expertise. His knowledge. But he didn’t seem to have it in him to do it alone.

That’s what friends are for. Or employees. Whichever. There’s a fine line there.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when after months of preparation I yawned and walked into Urban Airship at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday, but in the next 2 days I was dazzled. Tiny Startup Camp took on a life of its own. Between speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees it became a place of inspiration, creativity, entrepreneurship, and hard work. I sincerely hope to hear both the success and horror stories from each and every person who walked through those doors during the two days we were there.

I could not be more thankful or happier with the turnout and I’m really hoping I can sweet-talk Jason into another go-round. For the time being I’m putting Tiny Startup Camp in the win category. And maybe drawing some pink puffy hearts next to it.

4 thoughts on “great things come in small packages…

  1. Andy Hayes says:

    You did a fantastic job organizing – kudos! I appreciated the invitation and had a lot of fun – esp. Jason’s and Chase’s talks (and the general networking tomfoolery, of course).

    So when’s the next one? :)

  2. Vidya says:

    This weekend really seriously ROCKED, Cami — thank you for putting it together and executing it so seamlessly. I do hope you can convince Jason to do another one, the excited emails and raves I’m receiving from attendants are proof that this event is DEFINITELY in the win category! ps. thx for the beer and the wine!

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