death to procrastination…

I spent the weekend working hard. To be fair I played hard to0 and then I worked twice as hard to make up for the playtime. But it’s summer. And it was the weekend. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

So when I wasn’t off galavanting with my friends and my girl I was at home unpacking boxes, organizing stuff, and nagging my kid to do the same. But always work work working on getting us settled in the new place.

And the amount of stuff we got done? Impressive. Truly impressive. More impressive when you consider it was just the girl and I doing all the heavy lifting. There are still a few boxes lying about and several tubs. But now there’s also stuff. Clutter. Items that have no home as of yet and are just sitting out waiting to be assigned a place. Still, I was feeling good about it.

Until this morning.

I was flitting about the apartment making breakfast, chatting on the phone, and preparing for my work day and I had a sense of pride in all that had been accomplished. Then I grabbed my laptop and settled in to get some work done.

That’s when all the heavy lifting came back to haunt me, and cue the back pain. Oh well, at least I have a new ceiling at which to stare.


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