because sometimes a girl needs to know how to procrastinate…

People, meet Robo Overlord Squishbot 4000. Robo Overlord Squishbot 4000 meet the people. Robo Overlord Squishbot 4000, hence force known as Robo, stopped us in the park today by blocking our path with his enormously tiny robo body and insisted that he spend the duration of our bike ride in a pocket until he could come home with us where he could be properly cleaned, cared for, and obeyed.

Sure he’s tiny, squishy, and purple but he’s still a Robo Overlord and I’m certain that he knows what’s best for me. You see I spent the morning head down in work (Robo has agreed I should keep my job so I can pay for any further maintenance he incurs or any outings he should wish to go on) and this afternoon the girl and I had grand plans to spend many hours unpacking the billion and 12 boxes we need to get sorted out. But then it occurred to me that we all have to eat. And that I have a shiny pink bicycle. And that the weather is absolutely lovely today. So with work wrapped up for the morning it seemed the best possible thing to do was get out of the duplex so we could more effectively ignore the 2 billion 24 boxes (Eeek! They’re multiplying).

And so we did.

And we happened upon Robo who said it was far more important that I squeeze in a little more work, a blog post, and a walk to the grocery store. He hasn’t yet decided if he’ll let the cats survive as they don’t seem to be bending to his whims and I don’t think he sees the usefulness of the fish. But I’m thinking taking his direction might be really good for me. I mean, who couldn’t use a Robo Overlord making their decisions for them?

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