drip drip drop…

The forecast of my childhood was mostly sunny.  There was wind.  And fog.  And for the brief years I lived in Texas there were biblical storms, snakes falling from the sky, rain falling upward and thunder and lightening the likes of which I’ve not experienced since.  The rain in Texas always stayed with me.

Most of my childhood was spent in California where we didn’t so much have seasons as we had variations of temperature which people used as an excuse to swap out seasonal wardrobes.

I remember looking at the salt cylinder in the kitchen.  Back when iodized salt was the only kind used and every home had that round, navy blue container with the little girl and her yellow umbrella.  I would stare at her for hours thinking how nice it would be to have an umbrella like that.  To go out in the rain and play.  I admit that at this point my mind creates somewhat of a Morton Salt Girl + Gordon’s Fisherman hybrid as I see a little girl in giant rain boots and a yellow slicker stomping about in puddles.  Basking in the warm air as the rain falls steadily.  And off in the distance a patch of blue seems to light the entire sky.

I’ve lived in Portland half my life now.  I think it’s time I get some rain boots and a yellow slicker.

3 thoughts on “drip drip drop…

  1. Sybil Law says:

    I did the same thing with the Morton salt girl! So crazy – I guess since it was such a staple, daydreams about being that girl were commonplace, but so funny to read about it!

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