but I don’t wanna…

I have a problem you guys.  I’ve been aware of it for a while but fairly unwilling to admit it.  At first I couldn’t even admit it to myself.  It didn’t even occur to me to admit it to myself.  And then when it did occur to me I was horrified.  Mortified.  In a state of complete disbelief.


But I have admitted it to myself.  I even discussed it with a friend.  The fact of the matter is, guys, I like facebook.

Ohmyfuckinggawdhellinamotherfuckinghandbasket I can’t believe I just typed that.  Let’s take a deep breath.

Inhale.  Hold it.  Hold it.  Exhale.

Okay.  I said it.  I like facebook.  I’ve said so many times that I don’t.  I’ve even stated that I hate it.  Intense dislike.  That used to be the feeling I associated with it.  Really.  I said so on a podcast.  Multiple podcasts.  I may have even said it here but I can’t be sure and I’m too lazy to go check.  I’d rather just write this post and hang my head in shame.

My name is Cami and I like facebook.

You see I’m really kind of a twitter girl.  I love twitter and have since the moment I met it.  It’s so simple and smooth and accessible.  And facebook and twitter?  They were not the same.  They are not the same.  They’re different separate things that have nothing to do with one another.

And I like twitter.  But like I said… oh help me I’m going to say it again… I like facebook.

Now before you think I’m all crazy let me clarify something.  I like facebook, but not all of it.  It’s the like function.  I like liking.  I really like liking.  It’s a functionality that should be built into more sites and applications.  Instagram, for example, has made excellent use of the like function.  And I love Instagram.

There’s something so satisfying and simple about liking something.  I don’t have to think of a clever comment.  I don’t have to have anything to say.  I’m not required to have anything to add.  I can just say “Hey, I like this.”

And that is fucking awesome.  Okay… I’m done.  Go about your business.

8 thoughts on “but I don’t wanna…

  1. Giddy says:

    Funny, I feel like if I simply “like” something I am being lazy. Not that I feel that way about other people’s “likes” I just feel that way for myself. I actually hate the “like” button because I feel like it is the easy way out… I don’t “like” things because I feel like I should tell people what it is that I like about what they said. It’s funny, I love Facebook, but hate the “like” function.

  2. EH says:

    I’ve been on FB a long time but am a new Twitter convert, and the lack of a like button just kills me. I still find myself looking for one. It’s just so easy. Like shopping for groceries online in your jammies. Also, for those people who are in the nebulous category of more than acquaintances and less than friends, it’s the perfect level of social interaction.

  3. Silver Creek says:

    Oh kaaay. You’re out and that’s got to be a bit of relief, ‘sides there are way worse things. Fly that freak flag proud. You’re safe.

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