espresso fueled brilliance… or not

A little after 6 tonight on my way home from grabbing a quick bite to eat with my mom who is visiting from out of town I thought to myself ‘self this would be a great time to get some espresso because you’re totally lagging and it will perk you right up!’ so we stopped at a local gelato and espresso place and placed our orders and my mom sagely ordered a decaf but no not I.

I ordered full caff!

Viva la caffeine!

I shall live forever with the blood of coffee beans coursing through my veins in its rich syrupy espresso form giving life and love and energy to my poor tired system and telling me to go go go while the going is good so I can get so much stuff done now before it’s too late and I get really tired and crash in preparation for my very full day tomorrow and the next day and the one after that and the one after that.

I think that gets me through Sunday which is just about right because on Monday I think I may be able to rest because things will slow down a bit but for right now it’s March in full swing and the month of March is always a really fucking crazy time for me and my whole family and a whole bunch of my friends and their families as well.

I mean really crazy.

So I’m thinking that 12oz quintuple mocha I just downed was a really good move on my part and it can’t possibly go wrong because look at all this energy I have and my creative juices are flowing and aside from being completely thirsty for ice cold water that I could gulp and gulp and feel it run down my throat while simultaneously running over my chin and forming a well between my tits to cool my warm skin there is nothing at all the matter.

Okay that last sentence may have been a bit much.

And did you notice that each paragraph was a sentence?

Some of them really long run one sentences sure but whatever it’s a thing I’m doing and calling a stylistic choice you’re not really one to argue because you’re probably still thinking about ice-water and tits.

6 thoughts on “espresso fueled brilliance… or not

  1. Sybil Law says:

    You know what’s really bad? I skimmed over the tits paragraph and had to go back to see what you were talking about – “I missed tits?!”! Haha
    Caffeine is gooood.

  2. Brian Enigma says:

    RE: tits

    The 13-year-old Digg/Reddit/4chan user in me, embarrassingly enough, wants to say “pics or it didn’t happen” but let us all pretend I did not even leave this comment because it is incredibly childish, and yet large swaths of the internet are incredibly childish so maybe it is okay — so let us instead all pretend that an anonymous person left a giant run-on sentence comment and not me.

  3. Silver Creek says:

    oooo likin your unbroken thought and awareness of the waking mind and know what you mean about March it’s so awfully blowy but Caesar took the month especially hard so can’t complain too much on this end and at least we get those daffodils gathering en masse along the route to lamby time.

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