44 emails later…

Okay facebook.  I get that you want to keep me informed.  I get that you want me to know what’s going on and that when my likeness is tagged, like in a photo of me, you think I should know about it.

And thank you.  That’s considerate of you and I do love me some common courtesy, but sometimes I have to say enough is enough.  I get that my daddy put a bunch of pictures up on facebook today.  I get that I’m in them.  They’re from my childhood.  They’re all in one album.  Together.  They were all uploaded at the same time.

So did you really need to send me an email for each and everyone of them?

No.  I think not.



6 thoughts on “44 emails later…

  1. Aaron says:

    There’s something borked with my Facebook notifications where Facebook thinks my email address is invalid so it can’t send me email.

    I never get any email from Facebook.

    It’s the most awesome problem ever. I hope it never gets fixed.

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