10 ways to tell the nyquil kicked in…

1.   When filling the water bottle you forget to remove the lid.

2.   Your iPhone, which never leaves your side, is left unceremoniously by the kitchen sink.

3.   You’re pretty certain the cats just want to snuggle you because you don’t feel well.

4.   Milk? It goes in the cabinet.

5.   Getting undressed for bed, you seriously contemplate leaving your bra on because it would be easier than reaching around behind your back to unclasp it.

6.   The aftertaste of the green death flavor is so nice.

7.   After climbing in bed you realize you need to pee but you’d rather sleep with a full bladder than walk 10 feet to the bathroom.

8.   You find yourself trying to breathe the tune to Jingle Bells.

9.   Writing a post about Nyquil seems like a solid plan.

10.  After wondering if your marshmallowy soft pillow also tastes like a marshmallow, you fall asleep before you’re able to get your tongue out of your mouth to taste it.

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