and now for something completely different…

Hi there babies… gentle readers… people.

I have to tell you that I’d like to get on with my regularly scheduled blogging.  I have all sorts of mundane things and ridiculous stories I could share with you.  Seriously.  I’ve got this one post about how I can tell it’s Spring in my very own unique way that I’d love to share with you.  It’s good.  It’s insightful.  You’ll totally get a kick out of it… as soon as I write it anyway.  I’d like to get back to cute parenting stories or telling you what I made for dinner. Or showing you this crazy picture I took of a tree that looks like it has a bunch of eyes… staring at you.  Hell maybe I’ll throw that in now just because…

What I’m saying is this: I’d like to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging routine  but  I felt off going from that last post to a post that doesn’t reflect at all on the situation at hand.  So this post?  Is a buffer.  A transition.  A space filler.

I’m sure at some point I’ll be talking about my experience, about its effect on me, on my little family.  I’m sure I’ll have all new tales to tell.  Someday.  But right now I want to get back to normal.  I want to embrace a sense of regularity.

Can we move past that last post and on to something else?  I’m thinking the answer is yes.  I just need to put up this post first.  Does that make sense to you?  I certainly hope so because it makes sense to me.

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