Tonight is Ignite Portland 8.  It’s part of Global Ignite week which is very exciting for all sorts of people all over the place.  Really it is.  Do you like how I just cut to the chase there?  Yeah.  I really got right into it because I’ve already written a post about attending Ignite today.

Well it wasn’t so much about attending Ignite as it was a gentle little reminder for people who ARE attending Ignite to bring a donation of non-perishable food.  30 Hour Day will be there collection food for the Oregon Food Bank.  Rather than repeat myself further I’ll just ask you to go ahead and go read the post I already wrote.  It’s possible it was clever and thoughtful and I don’t think I have it in me to do that again today.

Can’t make it tonight?  Not in Portland?  Still want to see the show.  There will be a livestream embedded in the Ignite Portland site.  You can watch it there when the show starts at 7 PM.

Now I’m off to go lead the exciting life that is mine.  laundry folding, kitchen cleaning, kid picking up and maybe I’ll paint me nails.

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